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Varsham Movies 


The film narrates the story of Venu (Mammootty) who returns to Kerala after working for a long time in the Gulf. He starts a finance company named Anand Finance, which becomes profitable soon due to his honest methods. The success of the company affects other companies, which leads many of Venu’s friends to turn into his enemies. The rest of the story is about what happens to Venu and his family.

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Vamanapuram Bus Route Movies 

Vamanapuram Bus Route

Lever Johnny is a bus conductor and thug with a heart of gold and mad MGR fan and “Prathikarikkunna Kili”. He is hired by Gopalan Nair, president of Vamanapuram to clear a bus route problem, caused by his opposition parties, which is hindering the village’s AND his progress. Only Lever Johny can help the villagers. But when Lever Johny comes he falls in a 2-way love with Gopalan Nair’s daughter, who is being fixed for a marriage that she doesn’t like. Now Lever Johnny should make a right decision……

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