Dhund is the of a young woman (Zeenat Aman), whose invalid husband (Danny Denzongpa) is murdered. The finger of suspicion points at the young widow and her former boyfriend (Sanjay Khan), but the killer is someone else. it is a taut thriller with a fantastic performance by Denzongpa. Two of the songs, “Sabsar ki har sheh ka” and “Uljhan suljhe na” were hits. Chandrashekhar’s car breaks down in the middle of the night amidst a thick fog in the country-side. Taking his flashlight, he approaches a nearby house, and knocks on the door. Upon getting no answer, he finds that the door is open. Once inside, he observes a male seated in a chair and asks his permission to use the telephone. When he gets no response, he gently nudges this male, and the body falls down. Chandrashekhar goes over to the telephone to phone the police, and it is then that he sees a young, beautiful woman with a gun in her hand. He is attracted to this woman, though he knows that she killed this male. The woman identifies herself as rani, the wife of dead man, and admits to killing him due to his abuse and atrocities. Chandrashekhar feels protective towards this widow, and together they concoct a tale to fool the police, and create a description of a ficticious robbery suspect. AUDIO:2.0 DOLBY DIGITAL,AUTO PLAY 5.1 GENRE:MYSTERY/THRILLER..

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