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As a company that sells streaming media services for a living, we get questions everyday about what needs to be done to make an audio or video presentation that will stream well over the Internet. Most of these inquiries come from small businesses with limited budgets for marketing and advertising. They are always pleasantly surprised when we tell them that they can do it themselves!

What You Need To Know if Your Company Wants To Produce A Video

Studies show that people remember merely 20% of what they hear, and only 30% of what they see, and an incredible 70% what they hear and see. * With this in mind, it?s no wonder why video is such a powerful communications tool.

Creating Value With Streaming Video Content

Having a corporate or promotional video for your company is often viewed as something of an expensive luxury ? useful, but rarely considered to be an essential marketing tool. Whilst many businesses can understand the benefits of having a corporate video, all too often they are put off by the perceived cost and subsequently find it hard to justify commercially. Furthermore, the process of making a video can at times, appear complex and intimidating, with an array of technical terms and processes.

How Video can be used Effectively Online

A powerful way to convey your communication messages to your audience is to be able to have your promotional video available on your website.

Look Into My Eyes - New Webcam Technology

If a new webcam technology from Microsoft get the go-ahead, then instant messaging could get a whole lot more interesting.

Interview with a Video Virgin

Shani Alexander is the founder of Relocations Made Easy ( which produces an interactive website and CDROM tool that advises people on how to make a stress free relocation to a new city.

Five Ways to Profit from Using Video Online

The newest media wave to hit the online shore is video. Individual emails abound with links to "the funniest video ever," or blurry clips of new babies or birthday parties.

E-Commerce & Streaming Media: A Marriage that Works

In the heavily populated world of E-Commerce, what determines whose site will be successful and whose won?t?

Network Marketing and Video Email

I received another e-mail today from someone telling me that Video e-Mail is the wave of the future. According to the e-mail, (which contained no video!), the world will soon be embracing and more importantly paying for this service. The jury is still out and I don't want to make any judgmental comment that I have to eat later.

DVD Authoring: An Introduction

DVD Authoring is the process of collecting various content assets such as video, audio, photographs, subtitles, and menus, connecting them together and burning them to a master dvd disc.

Working with Royalty Free Music

When creating Multi-Media Content, Flash or Video Clips for a client's web site or CD Rom Project, the last thing you want is to get him in trouble with the law. If there's a need for music in a project, using royalty free music is essential.

Beginning in Videography

If you're looking to get into videography and video editing as a hobby, the options can be daunting. Here is a small question and response that may help you get started in this fun and rewarding hobby.

Seven Tips on Making a Successful Video Production

Producing a video for your company can be an exciting and potentially stressful experience. There?s more to it than simply assigning a video production company to the task and crossing your fingers.

How to Star in Your Own Promotional Video

Well, it?s official. You are going to star in the company marketing video (or commercial) and you will have a part talking to camera. After ringing your mother, to let her know about your newly found fame, reality hits in. How are you going to pull this off?

Benefits of Training Videos

A major problem with the running of a large corporation or PLC, is the increasing expense of staff training programmes. Training videos are exactly what the title says - videos made for the purpose of staff training.

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