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Juice - Scam of the Decade or Opportunity of the Century

If you are an ardent web surfer and MLMer like I am, then I am sure you would have seen the sales pitch "Give away free broadband and earn �27 GBP each time".

Depending on which side of the fence you are, this product is either God's gift to freebies enthusiasts, MLMers and all paying ISP subscribers or it is the biggest scam yet, bar none.

For those still in the dark, let me fill in the blanks for you. A new ISP service will be launched in October 2004 that will be offering its subscribers internet connections at speeds "Faster than Broadband". This service will be available worldwide and get this, you can now get a free connection just by submitting your name and email address.

Among other things, JUICE:

�� -�Will work with any PC or Mac with 9600 kbps modem upwards.

�� -�Will work with any Internet connection including dial-up,
�ISDN, BROADBAND, GSM, GPRS and wireless connections in
�any country as long as you have a telephone line.

�� -�Requires no cabling, engineers and no need to alter your
�PC in any way.

�� -�Guarantees connection speeds 40 times faster than dial-up
�and 4 times faster than broadband.

�� -�Promises that you will never have to pay for this service
�if you sign up before October 1, 2004.

For those who are not too technologically savvy, I guess you will ask "What's wrong with that? Sign me up!"

Here is where the detractors of "JUICE" smell a SCAM - and I will excuse your outright laughter at these claims.

�� -�You will never see another dead, blank or irrelevant page
�ever again and if you do, they will pay you �500 GBP.

�� -�You will NOT get another Spam email EVER, but if you do
�they will pay you �100 GBP in compensation.

�� -�You are guaranteed to get a minimum connection speed of 2MB
�with 100% uptime. If Juice fail to meet either or both they
�will pay you �500 GBP per failure.

�� -�YOU will NEVER receive a virus or worm in your email inbox
�again as Juice operate up to the millisecond software to
�stop the same, but if you do get one they will pay you �500
�GBP compensation.

�� -�JUICE will be able to block every porn and adult site on
�the Internet if you choose to filter it and if they fail,
�you will be paid �200 GBP per reported instance.

�� -�JUICE can STOP your child from chatting to people who
�pretend to be children in chat rooms by using amazing
�breakthrough IP filtration and parenthesis technology.

Amazingly, this company promises to pay you �27 GBP for every person who you introduce to this service and they are accepting 80 million free subscribers by October 2004. They will also pay each affiliate �1.79 GBP for each person their downline introduces for ten levels down. Assuming they meet their target and my math is correct, that is in excess of � 2 billion payment even before the product is launched!.

Scam, or the opportunity of the century? You can decide for yourself by visiting these two websites for more details. The first promotes Juice while the second expresses opinion of its detractors.

If you find this opportunity too tempting to ignore you may wish to take the precaution of not providing Email addresses you have used to set up your Paypal, Stormpay or other secure transaction account.
Similarly, it may not be advisable to provide details of bank accounts and credit cards if in doubt.

As one MLMer promoting JUICE points out, if you take the right precautions you can only be scammed out of your email address. His advice for the ultra-cautious, open a throwaway�email account.

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Copyright 2004

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