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Ananth Jewels Swarovski Elements Blue Crystal Princess Crown Pendant Necklace Fashion Jewellery for Women Jewelry 

Ananth Jewels Swarovski Elements Blue Crystal Princess Crown Pendant Necklace Fashion Jewellery for Women

We are not a direct partner of Swarovski. We buy genuine Swarovski crystals from an authorised dealer of Swarovski and then use it to make our own unique designs. We save overall cost by not generating certificate or warranty card for each product and by not buying expensive Swarovski boxes. These savings are passed on to our customers by providing them with less expensive but genuine Swarovski product. The Swarovski crystals in our product is tagged “Made with Swarovski Elements” by Swarovski for authenticity. We do not have sales agents to sell our products, please beware of cheap duplicates done by other sellers. We do not take any responsibility for “Ananth Jewels” brand products brought through other seller’s.

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Princess Clothes 


A Saudi Arabian princess clad in riches and hidden behind her black veil, Sultana talks about the dark, hidden secrets she had to live with, in her past and about the living treacheries bestowed upon women in Saudi Arabia.

With no freedom to take her own decisions and known only as a bearer of sons, Sultana is the strong woman at the heart of the story in Princess. From her turbulent childhood to her arranged marriage and later being displaced for another wife, Sultana shares her history of the appalling oppression in her everyday life.

From the marriage of 13-year old girls with men five times their age to the killing of young women by stoning, drowning or isolation in the “women’s room,” the book tells readers how women are left to rot to death in this land. Sultana opens up about the atrocities committed by the Saudi establishment, standing up for right despite the risk of being killed.

Narrating her story to Jean Sasson, Sultana reveals the darkest secrets beyond the veils of the secret society where money, sex and power reign supreme and violation of human rights is commonplace. The book was published by Bantam Dell in 2004 and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • Princess is a fast paced and heart wrenching tale.
  • It’s a remarkable testimony of the indomitable spirit and courage of women.

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