Do You Own Your Business Or Does It Own You?

What was your aim when you went into business for yourself? Chances are you wanted to be your own boss, be in control of your future, improve your chances of earning a high income, among other things.

How are things for you right now? Do you feel in control of your business? How many hours do you put into your business each day? Each week? Will your current business enable you to retire in the next 10, 20 years?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the administrative tasks involved in running a business? Do you wish life could be simpler?

More importantly, if you don't work, does your cash continue to flow (inwards, that is)?

You see, if you can't take a vacation for fear that you won't make any money while you're away, or if your business is such that you're paid per hour (meaning that if you're not working you're not getting paid), then what you are is a glorified employee, and your business owns you.

That's not what you signed up for when you started though, is it?

What if you discovered a smarter way of doing business, a way that ensures that you own the business, not the other way round, a way that guarantees that you continue to make money even while you sleep (meaning you can go on vacation anytime you choose without loosing any money - rather you'd still be earning), what would you do?

Imagine a business model that allows you to work for at least 5-10 hours per week, yet earn whatever income level you set for yourself. One that can, with dedicated hard work, enable you to retire comfortably within 5 years of your starting out? This is not just a theory. People from all works of life, all ages and backgrounds, are doing this.

It's happening all around you. Thousands of individuals and large corporations are waking up to the wisdom of this model, as a way to move their products and services to a large number of 'fish' - customers who want and need them.

Will you wise up too?

The 'magic ingredient' that makes all this possible is 'leverage'. Not just any sort of leverage though, but leverage that guarantees that everyone involved benefits equally and has the same amount to gain from working with you.

You had noble aspirations when you first started out on your own. If your current business model is not helping you meet those aspirations, then it's time for you to seek a better way. It never pays to continue in something that isn't working.

Seek a better way, and you will find it. Like many others have done and continue to do.

Decide now that you will choose a business model that truly meets your aspirations, one that will help you achieve the dreams you set out to achieve in the beginning. One that employs 'leverage that works'.

Get smart: own your own business, and never again let a business own you.

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Dr Kem Thompson teaches self-employed individuals how to use 'leverage that works' to make more money while creating more free time to enjoy life with. For a F*R*E*E 27 minute video that explains this sort of business model in depth, visit today. You can also reach Dr Kem via email at

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