Training Your Mind For Better Business and Leisure

Training Your Mind For Better Business and Leisure

Modern life moves at a very fast pace. At least, that is how many in Western society describe their existence whereby they rush to work, rush everything they do at work, and do so in a fixed routine which allows for little deviation. The focus is often on achieving the day's tasks, usually as dictated by employment, so to a large extent is beyond the individual's control.

At least, that is how it can become. Particularly in the cities, where the associated stress is infectious. Such a way of life can weaken the body and mind, unless you take some simple steps to strengthen both as an individual. Even if you have succeeded in setting up your own business and work from home, there can still be a danger that old habits and stress levels will transfer to your new type of existence. It is something it is wise to consider and look out for.

The first choice is whether you want the way of life to dictate to you, or whether you want to be the one in control. If you ask the question, then I am sure what the answer will be, whether you work at home for yourself, or are employed elsewhere. You, of course, want to be the one in control. The problems will be for those who never get as far as asking the question.

Once you have asked the question of your self, and given the obvious answer, there are several ways to help yourself. You can improve your powers of awareness and concentration, and learn how to relax your mind and prepare it for future struggles. Thereafter, you will be more conscious of what is happening in your life on a day to day basis.

Your body responds to what your mind dictates, but for much of the time, it does so on a subconscious level. If you manage to tap into this vital resource, your subconscious mind, you will get an extra edge in dealing with all problems that surround you. You will move from being the controlled to the controller. Such a transition is not as difficult as it may sound, and some simple steps will help you to regain control of more of your life. Once you have made the initial moves, and sampled the benefits, there is no end to what you can achieve.

A few simple suggestions just to get you started

1. Try to change your daily routine; we are all creatures of habit to an extent, but do not allow that routine to become a straightjacket. There is no need to change much, you may not even have scope to make drastic changes in the short term. However, you must be very conscious of the changes you implement.

In the evening, try to remember all the events that took place in a day. Quickly analyze the day's highlights and look for any gaps in your memory. If you fail to remember details about something you want to recall, this is a good indication that you momentarily failed to concentrate during that timeframe.

2. You could try to diversify the way you live. This is a longer term strategy. Again, changes do not have to be drastic, unless you find they need to be. You do not need to pack up everything and go and live on a tropical island. I did that, but you will probably find you can achieve your objective with a less drastic route.

If today is the same as yesterday and the day before, and they were not fulfilling, you might want to include new elements in your life. If you commute to work, and it's not too far, try going by bike sometimes, and you will feel less cocooned, seeing life from a different perspective. If you normally eat sandwiches at your desk for lunch, take them and sit in the nearest park. Middle of winter? As long as it's not pouring with rain, why not? Some may think you're crazy, but others may take note of you as being that bit different. Or you could go to a different restaurant or cafe for lunch each day, strolling around parts of the neighbourhood you may never have explored before to find them.

3. You could start practicing some new pastime, for your leisure, such as a sport or art form; something that deviates from your recent routine, but makes a positive contribution to your life and feeling of well being. Occupying your mind on something new and different will bring rich rewards to the quality of your life.

Repetitive and dull actions slowly push your mind into a state of semi hibernation, which slows down your responses to the issues around you, pushing you into a zombie like mode. Something I used to witness every weekday on commuter trains into London. Oh, what memories!

4. You can also engage your mind in other interesting activities, such as meeting new people or seeking outold friends. Give a call to an old high school friend and go out for some coffee or a beer. Your talks may trigger a chain of events that you store in your mind, but almost never utilize. This would be a good exercise for your mind and, more importantly, a pleasant experience for you.

5. There are sure to be many things you dislike or despise in life. Give them another look, though. Your dislike may originally may have been a knee-jerk reaction of some sort. Look at them from a different angle. If there is a person you hate try to put yourself in his or her shoes for a few minutes. Try to see yourself through the eyes of people around you and, objectively, observe your actions and beliefs. Also, try to allow your mind to analyze events that you find annoying, and ignore the preconceptions that urge you to judge a person or event in a certain way. You may have some pleasant surprises, but at least, you will have viewed somebody or something from a different perspective. That will stimulate your brain

These simple exercises will help you face your problems better prepared. There is no need over do any of them, just let them integrate naturally into your way of life. You may soon look in the mirror and see a happier you, and even want to take bigger strides to reach your ultimate goals, whatever they might be.

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