Wealth Building Strategy

There are many of us who are working on our wealth creation strategy. Wether it be working another job, starting a small home based business or seriously building knowledge on the share and property markets, those that are serious are looking.

Many wealthy people we read about seem to have a certain skill for creating large amounts of money. Many in this group of wealth builders follow a few simple rules in their wealth development strategy, and I have listed some here.

Learn to work with people

The biggest fortunes are made when people work with a group talented people. Knowing which group to work with and how to work with people is one of the most important tools in your wealth building strategy.


Often the difference in creating wealth is a few more hours, days or weeks of work. Those in the wealth creation group never give up easily. They pursue their wealth creation strategy until they achieve it! Don't give up!

Make decisions quickly

"He who hesitates is lost!" Sort through the facts and make a list of pros and cons and evaluate that list. Speed every decision you make and then you will be training yourself to take advantage of wealth creation situations before somebody else can.

Seek new ideas

Utilise every task you perform to seeking new wealth development strategies. Study financial pages for hints that may lead you to create wealth. Jot down these ideas and review them regularly. Opportunities to create wealth will suddenly appear from everywhere.

Take risks

The more risks you take as part of your wealth creation strategy, the greater the chances of you building your wealth. Look at speculative ventures and invest a portion of your funds. Risk taking is an integral part of a wealth building strategy and will put you far in front from those playing it safe.

Borrow money

The largest fortunes are built on borrowed money. Understand how to use credit and other people's capital to expand your profits and leverage your investments in your wealth development strategy.

Time is money

Be conscious of your time in your wealth building strategy. Evaluate your time in terms of the financial return to you and don't procrastinate or spend large amounts of time on non wealth creating tasks.

Learn to be creative

Developing your creative powers is an excellent strategy to create wealth. Start doing activities which may be outside of what you usually do, learn some creative skill, like learning how to paint or sketch. This will give you ideas to think outside the square in which you can develop to create wealth.

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