Need a Book Coach, Ghost Writer, or Editor? Part 1

If you either want to write a book to help others create a better life and boost business or you already have your book nearly finished, you may need book coaching to answer all of your questions "What step to take next?" Many writers think that all they need is a good editor and their book will be ready for publishing and promoting.

Maybe you think you don't have enough time to write it yourself. You may want a ghost writer to finish the research and get it out.

But you need to start by consulting with a book coach who knows your book category, who your market is, and where to find them. Your book coach also knows what makes up a saleable title and can help guide you to write a great seller by knowing your thesis, your audience, your "tell and sell," and the correct introduction. When you incorporate these essential "hot-selling" points before you write many chapters, you will then write a compelling, organized, easy-to read page turner.

Don't hire a ghost writer before you know exactly what you need to write, publish, and promote a great-selling book.

Maybe you have a lot of your book done. You wrote your story, but did you write it for your audience or yourself? Many professionals and business people know their topic well, but may not know the rules for writing a saleable book. Too many "I's" and linking verbs like "is" and was" slow readers down and bore them because of the lack of action. They put your potential great book down and don't recommend it to friends or associates.

You already know that word-of-mouth works, yet takes a few years to really get up steam. Many authors quit too soon because they don't know how or don't want to promote their book. An experienced book coach can give you the real picture before you put time and money into your book. She can also make you aware of easy marketing and promotion that takes only a few hours a week at home or in the office.

Maybe, you just want to get your book done. An editor can fix your grammar and even your disorganization, but can an editor help you get your book published, and know which way is the best for you?

Think about what you want--a saleable book whose audience will flock to it because it totally helps answer their questions or solves their challenge. Editors are not trained to think about the benefits your book will give their audience. They don't know how to market as you write. Check with your book coach who will point out your brilliance and show you your benefits and features. Because only benefits sell, and most authors think features such as charts, tips, interview, pictures, or quotes.

When you don't know why your audience should buy your book and you can't tell them in a few sentences either in print or in person, they will back away and keep their wallet or credit card inside their pockets or purse.

Hire your editor after you contact a book coach. When your chapters do not have a consistent format with questions posed as headings and answers following in the copy below, a line editor cannot make your work sell just by changing a few sentences. Even a developmental editor needs format to help make your book the best it can be.

Think of your book as a lifetime profit center. Invest in the service that gives you what you need to sell well. Part two of this article is available.

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