Imagine The Imagination

Imagine a three hundred page book was in the author's mind before it was poured out onto the pages of the book.

Imagine all those words are words we all know and use but one person takes those words and arranges them in a certain way in the mind; the person fuses these words to form a story. Amazing isn't it?

Writers have a different way of seeing the world. They can see poetry in someone's hair and use it as metaphor for life or as an image to communicate a thought about something else that has nothing to do with hair.

But how is the writer able to use words in a fascinating new way?

It is natural in the way they are, the way they think.

The same way language is an innate mechanism to us the same way writers have the ability to use language in a different sort of way to communicate feelings we all feel.

Although they use language in a different way what they write is about what we all feel; that is why we can relate. The reason why what is written sounds true to life is because it is poured out naturally because it expresses what the writer is feeling on the inside at the moment.

To see beauty in the growth of grass is the expression of the soft and aesthetic side.

But does that mean when stuck in a traffic jam the writer will not get impatient, when faced with dishonest persons the writer is not repulsed; when faced with the sight of a hunk flexing his muscles the writer does not think dirty little thoughts?

Absolutely not.

Just because the experience of grass growing does not embrace these experiences does not mean these aspects of the author are not present. within the author.

Words are simply used to express the self and are not a substitute for the entire self.

Ever heard of being dramatic?

In the moment of writing of the growth of grass the writer exists in that world and the self that writes the story is different from the other selves of the writer.

Do not think of many selves as being schizophrenic. You are open with close friends, distant with persons you do not like, professional with business associates and intimate with a loved one.

Of course the writer's self is in consonance with the other selves- in the mode of thinking and being.

It is natural to be one self as naturally as the other selves, and writing means being imbued with the value and ideology system of the total self (that is the sum of all the other selves).


Does the writing of a piece during a depressed period make the person emotional who sentimentalizes everything?

The author in real life may prefer comedies to dramas.

Thoughts or portions of thoughts are focused upon that the other portions of the thought or other thoughts are not dealt with.

Think of standing before a forest and wanting to take a picture of all you see before you but all you have is a 35mm camera which is unable to photograph all of the trees many of which will have to be cut off from the photograph.

The writer then builds up portions of the thought or the thought into a literary piece for the audience.

We don't want to eat chips (fries) alone. We want a piece of meat or a slice of fish to go with it. And pour some ketchup and mustard on those chips.

This requires being dramatic.

Think of movies and soundtracks. At a certain point there is a certain feeling, a certain idea, a certain vibe and a song is played during the action to build up this aura.

The audience has to relate to what you have to say yet at the same time it has to be put forward in a different way so the audience will be compelled to read about something they already know about.

Think of the night when sounds are heard. They may be sounds of the day but under the cover of the night when the other sounds are smothered you never heard those other sounds until now. The sounds harmless during the day suddenly become eerie in the quietness of the night.

This process converts the original thoughts into lies for they are built up for the purpose of being read by an audience and the original thought although present does not exist in its original setting of the mind but in a new setting on the page.

Don't you always think every time you see yourself in a picture you look much better when you look at yourself in a mirror than in the picture taken (by someone else [so too the writer writes as if beside the self]) of yourself for it does not look anything as fabulous as you really look in reality?

So just imagine that.

About The Author

Shadha Kudrath Ali has self published her poetry collection (THIRD WORLD EXPERIMENT) MY COLLECTION OF POEMS as an ebook at This poetry collection represents an experiment in poetry and a record of her radical thoughts.

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