Writers Who Consistently Cut The Mustard Do So Because...

Have you ever wondered why certain writers are able to churn out seemingly endless streams of published bestsellers while thousands upon thousands of others suffer an endless stream of rejection slips?

Sure, you can get lucky first time out, once in a blue moon.

I did. But that was a long shot and little more than freaky because I didn't know then what I know now?

Writers who consistently cut the mustard do so because they have a masterful formula, a plan, a winning strategy for topic selection, composition, proposal submission, acceptance, publication and promotion.

Now you can have such a masterful formula, an exclusive master plan that enables me to produce an ever-growing string of bestselling niche non-fiction titles; titles that vend in big numbers at bookstores world wide and online at Amazon.com. Titles like?

1. 'Starting Your Own Business' - How To Books ISBN 1857038592. First published in 1994 and now in its 3rd Revised & Updated 2004 Edition.10 Years in print and still ranking at No.1 out of 882 competitive titles at Amazon.co.uk

2. 'Starting an Internet Business at Home' - Kogan Page ISBN 0749434848. 2001. Ranking at No. 2 out of 31,956 competitive titles at Amazon.com

3. 'Your Retirement Masterplan' - How To Books ISBN 1857039874. October 2004. Not yet published but already ranking at 179 out of 3212 competitive titles at Amazon.co.uk ? and that's just on pre-orders!

Does the ability to churn out niche non-fiction bestsellers revolve exclusively around any of these factors?

o Brilliant writing

o Super-intelligence

o Inside information


They are all useful attributes but none of them will cut the mustard on their own.

Nor is there an exclusive focus on?

o The intrinsic nature of the topic

o Expertise in pre-publishing techniques

o Who you know or what you know

So what does it take?

It requires a mindset based on unique all-encompassing success strategies, a foretaste of which you will get if you visit my website http://1st-creative-writing-course.com and download a complimentary copy of my widely acclaimed report "The Bestseller Lying Dormant In Your Mind ? And How To Access It!"

o How to effortlessly determine the extent of your own propensity to convert innate knowledge into practical self-help and how-to publications that other people will eagerly snap up for hard cash.

o Why part-time writing works best for some authors; why it might do the same for you and why it can have a beneficial knock-on effect in other areas of your professional life.

o How to implant the essential disciplines to make money writing so that every task you undertake slots into logical progression in the overall plan for success.

o Why it's easier to be accepted by non-fiction publishing houses; why you must be meticulous in the selection process and how to convince publishers of the validity of your work.

o How to cultivate inherent intuition to generate a constant flood of ideas; how to get up to speed in excavating the riches that lie dormant in the inner recesses of your mind (you know more than you think you know?)

o The little-known secret to injecting longevity into your work is exclusively disclosed in Chapter 3 of my creative writing course. You will become privy to the secret of the ages; the hush-hush formula employed by all successful niche non-fiction authors, sometimes deliberately, sometimes accidentally.

o How you can author several disparate books from a single topic; how to milk your first bestseller to produce several more; how to exploit horizontal and vertical expansion to do it again and again, time after time.

14 October 2004

Jim Green is a bestselling author with an ever-growing string of niche non-fiction titles to his credit. 'Secrets to Churning Out Bestsellers' is his latest dynamic creative writing course and is available for immediate download at http://www.1st-creative-writing-course.com

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