Three 30 Day Journaling Ideas

Here are 3 journaling or diary ideas that can contribute to, and enhance your life. You can use a notebook, The 5 Year Journal, a blank book, even a computer.

1. Start a 30 day goal journal. Pick one specific goal. "I want to lose 20 pounds." "I want to change careers." "I want to write a novel." Journal everyday for the next 30 days just about that goal. Why you want the goal. How you will achieve your goal, the actions you will take. Your feelings about yourself as you move toward your goal.

2. Journal for the next 30 days what you are grateful for. Take time each day to remember the small and the big things that happened to you each day. Think about what you are the most grateful for, and write that down. Today I am grateful for________________________________________ This can also be a great family project. Set one book where the whole family can see it every day. And everyone can jump right in, journaling what they are grateful for that day.

3. Start a dream journal. Set the book by your nightstand for the next 30 days and write down your dreams. You can write the whole dream or journal what stands out for you. You can even write down just the symbols, say it was rain, clouds, flying, or school.

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