Writing New Ideas

Someone once commented that there were no new ideas to write, that all that could be done was a recombination of the words and phrases for a deeper, more personal expression of meaning. They have completely missed the point and purpose to 'writing'.

One writes, not to refine old ideas, but to express personal, heart-felt thoughts that have been born anew, deep within the longing soul. Writing is an attempt to understand oneself, and to explain those often deeply personal feelings to the world at large; a world that needs more honest and personal understanding of the expression of oneself. In life, we see the darkness and the worst in people. But we also see the very best in individuals who are sincerely trying to make the best of their time here on this earth. We need to be the chroniclers of these people and these times.

I've been struggling to write exactly what I feel.

The muse works like that.

She doesn't let me go until I struggle and

Wrench out my heart

Wringing the blood all over the page

Scratching the thick, red ink

Into words and phrases that truly mean something

Because of the struggle

Make the struggle. Make it count for each and every moment that you spend in front of the blank page. But be sure that you understand that the things you write are straight from the heart when you put in the time and effort and struggle.

Write often, write sure, and write from the aching soul.

But write.

Bob Curtis has been writing for over 30 years. He has published articles, short fiction, and poetry. He is currently the managing director of people4people.blogspot.com, and is president of Nexus Publishing, nexus4u.blogspot.com, in Midvale, Utah.

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