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Acne Information

Whats The Real Cause Of Acne?

Most acne medications only mask the symptoms of acne and does nothing to stop the real cause of acne. This is why people buy acne products month after month (year after year). And every time they stop using the product acne would come back again and again.

Acne & Wrinkles at My Age?

Puberty brought bouts of acne. In your 20s, finding Mr. or Mrs. Right was of chief consequence. When the 30s hit, you worked to raise little Johnnie or Suzie to be a model kid. Now that your hitting the fabulous 40s, you should be coasting through life, right. Well, why are you suddenly dealing with the cosmetic double whammy of acne and wrinkles? Even your insurance company figures that you should have gotten rid of acne by the age of 25.

Acne Solution

Million of people suffer from acne breakouts young and old. If your doctor has you on topical or oral treatment and it is not working try other ways to cure the breakouts.

Proven Acne Medications

There are a plethora of acne medications currently on the market. Some of these are prescription medications, such as accutane. Others are over the counter chemical compounds, such as benzoyl peroxide. There are even herbal based acne medications, such as tea tree oil. However, many of them are not as effective as advertised.

How to Choose an Over The Counter Acne Medication

There are literally hundreds of various treatments available to reduce acne. There is everything from all natural herbal remedies, to powerful chemical pharmaceuticals such as Accutane.

Herbal Acne Treatments That Work

In the United States alone, there are over 40 Million people who struggle with acne. Many of these people treat acne using chemicals such as antibiotics, prescription drugs, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid.

Acne Home Remedy

Acne or pimples are caused by hormonal changes, wrong food habits and improper skin care. Acne remedies given below are based on herbs and natural ingredients that treat your acne like magic and help improve the skin disorders.

About Acne, itsTypes & Symptoms

What is Acne?

Shopping for Sensitive Skin: A Guide for the Acne and Rosacea Conscious

Acne and rosacea patients take note- you must know about proper skin-care and cosmetic usage to successfully manage your sensitive skin. This is the counsel of Dr. Diane Berson, who runs a dermatology practice in New York City.

The Kill the Bacterial and Cure the Acne Myth

All life forms strategize to survive and procreate. Weeds, worms, birds, fungi and bacteria all work to sustain their own lives on this planet. In fact, we humans survive because of the biological games constantly unfolding in our mist.

An Acne Fetish is No Laughing Matter

While it may be easy to scoff off an acne fetish with remarks like, ?I don?t have that problem,? this condition is more common than properly acknowledged. A fetish is an object of unreasonably obsessive attention or regard. Thus, extreme attention given to zits and pimples characterize an acne fetish. Two clinical forms of an acne fetish include excoriated acne and imagined acne.

Teenage Acne Revisited

- A lot has been written about the causes of teenage acne and still there does not appear to be consensus on this topic. However, it is becoming clear that it is a problem that needs to be treated from the inside as well as on the outside It is therefore necessary for the teenager to find products that treat the condition both internally and externally,

Are You Sure Your Diet Doesnt Affect Your Acne?

For those of you who have met me, you know I am often mistaken for being an 18 year old when in actuality I'm 27. I'm currently teaching after-school cooking classes in Brooklyn to middle school kids and I was mistaken for one of the students by an employee. I almost got in trouble for being in the hallway!

Why You Will Never Achieve Long-Lasting Acne Free Skin With The ?External? Acne Treatments Today

Most of the acne treatments out there just don?t have what it takes to get rid of acne.

Why Drinking Enough Water Can Help Keep Acne Away

You probably don?t know this yet but product wastes and toxic build up in your system is one of the main reasons why you have acne or why your skin breaks out.

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