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You arrive at your photo shoot excited about the images you are about to take - that is, until you realize that you have left an important piece of equipment at home. You now will have to improvise, spend extra money or time to replace the item, or go without it for the shot.

One way to help remember everything for the best photo shoot is to make a checklist of needed items. The lists can vary by the type of shoot, but always include certain basics. Following are some lists to get you started.


* Camera bodies

* Camera batteries (charged), including backup

* Camera plates

* Lenses (wide, mid-range and telephoto) with lens shades

* Filters (soft, star and other special effects; yellow, red for B&W film)

* Film or CF cards

* Flash

* Flash batteries (charged), including backups and battery pack

* Flash diffusers

* Flash synch cord

* Camera bracket

* Tripod

* Tripod head

* Stool/ladder

* Reflector/diffuser

* Business cards

* Tools (allen wrench, multi-function, blower, flashlight)

* Lens cleaner/cloth

* Props/blanket

* Light meter

* Camera and flash manuals

* Fanny pack

Studio Photography

* Wedding/portrait equipment plus:

* Backdrop

* Backdrop stands

* Reflector stand

* Studio lights/cords

* Soft boxes/diffusers

* Stool/posing table

* Electrical/duct tape


* Camera bodies

* Camera batteries (charged), including backup

* Camera battery charger

* Camera plates (L-bracket)

* Bubble level

* Lenses (wide, macro, mid-range and telephoto) with lens shades

* Teleconverter

* Extension tube

* Filters (graduated ND, polarizer, color compensating)

* Film or CF cards

* Flash

* Flash batteries (charged), including backups and battery pack

* Flash battery charger

* Flash diffusers

* Flash synch cord

* Tripod/monopod

* Tripod heads (Gimbal, ballhead)

* Reflector/diffuser

* Tools (allen wrench, multi-function, blower)

* Camera and flash manuals

* Rain cover for camera

* Lens cleaner/cloth

* Sunscreen

* Bug Spray

* Hat

* National park pass

* Photo vest and/or fanny pack


* Laptop or storage device Charger for laptop or storage device (AC and/or DC)

* Card reader

* Blank CDs or DVDs for backups

Look at your own equipment needs to customize your lists. They will help you to remember all of the tools to help make your photo shoot the best. Just don't forget the list!

Copyright 2005 Carolyn E. Wright All Rights Reserved


Carolyn Wright is a professional photographer with an active wildlife photography business. Shooting for 25 years, her award-winning images have been used in books and corporate marketing materials. Her photos will be included in the upcoming book, "Captivating Wildlife - Images from the Top Ten Emerging Wildlife Photographers" by Scott Bourne and David Middleton. She also is working with Scott Bourne on "Wolfscapes," a photo book documenting the beauty and strength of wolves. Her wildlife images can be viewed at

On the faculty of Olympic Mountain School of Photography, Carolyn's passion is enhanced when teaching photography. She enjoys writing and speaking on the subject, as well, and is a regular columnist for PhotoFocus, an online magazine for serious photographers.


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