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Boston itself covers 50 square miles of concrete and traffic, well city limits actually exactly 46 square miles, the entire metro area can be and is often over stated at 1100 square miles, but more realistically about 380 in our humble opinion. And you know some of that is water. And MASS is called MASS because of the number of communities and cities, similar to all the PA cities, townships, communities and three houses on a rural road deserves a new name game? In case you think I am kidding check this out. .

I remember once I was in the front pack of a 10K running race and the course was not clearly marked but I studied it before the race. We got to the 3-mile mark and things got a little competitive and the whole group went the wrong way, except me. Turns out they took a short cut and they and about 100 other runners were then in front of me, everyone was quite impressed with themselves and had personal bests, me of course too trying to catch up to them all. This point is being made because Boston has the worst drivers who always cut in front of you and before you can honk your horn, they flip you off.

Boston has tried to capitalize on CA's Silicon Valley exploits and had a pretty rough time of it, playing inside a bubble they knew would burst. CA on one hand is being crippled by debt of the state for forgetting where the money was coming from and a mini-economic disaster for so many working class and tech companies ensued. That did not need to happen. Even with good news from time to time of large companies for instance Boston Scientific as they move forward with 1200 jobs to go up against Johnson and Johnson for another round at the BioTech challenge, it is great headlines, but 1200 jobs does not come close to the Dot Goners and the issues with corporate downsizing. Still we see consumer spending okay in the suburbs while down town is still at 20% unoccupied space at our estimates although the guy at the economic development assoc. swears to god and his Catholic Bishop's latest juvenile conquest that the rate was only 16% and climbing ever so slightly. That is BS. Sounds like Ross Perot and his charts again to me.

Still then where is all the traffic coming from and that project is as perpetual as Houston, Dallas, NYC bridges and tunnels, Seattle and New Orleans. What are the Boston Subs exactly? Well ask a Bostonian and they start including everything from Plymouth, Taunton, Marlborough, Lowell and Haverhill. Which one could not debate with a Bostonian, they are always right, right? YEP, just ask them. We did and they told us yes, we are correct? What does that mean. We assume Politically Correct, that is it; think I am joking? NOT. But hey give us your keys and your money and you can be whatever you want, short of our God? You get to be right, GAY (or just Happy Either Way), get a clean car and SEEEE YA next week to remove the additional accumulated dirt. God Bless Boston and all the dirt they can muster. For a mobile Detailing Business, yah, Boston has it, it is a great market for that indeed. Think about it.

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