Turn Your Stress into Success!

Stress is often seen as being unhealthy, but for some it is the very key to their success.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word "stress"? It may be something like, jam-packed schedules, loads of responsibilities, piles of work, trying to balance work and home, or just struggling to make ends meet.

These may seem like very negative characteristics of stress, but image a life without any stress at all. You might be thinking, oh how nice, a perfectly stress-free life. Perfectly stress free would actually be someone that is in a coma. It just doesn't exist. The truth is we all need a certain amount of stress in our lives in order to be challenged and find fulfillment. Stress drives us to solve problems and to be creative and inventive. It also entices our curiosity and encourages us to seek out new opportunities and new friendships.

Recent studies have shown that persons such as top executives with high pressure jobs, who are seen as being extremely stressed, are actually incredibly fulfilled individuals. Many live happy healthy lives even as they reach old age. This type of person may feel a great sense of control over their life and has learned how to channel their stress into something positive which leaves them feeling exhilarated by their accomplishments.

On the other hand, many people do not feel this same sense of control over their lives, especially when it comes to their jobs. When their stress is not channeled into something positive, it is internalized and implodes into illness. Stress has been found to be an underlying factor in everything from heart disease to skin problems.

If you find yourself internalizing your stress, here are a few tips to help you learn how to channel your stress into something constructive:

1. First, take a mental inventory and write down everything that is causing you stress.

2. Study your list carefully and identify any fears that are masked behind your stresses. Fear is often a deep underlying source of stress. Identifying what you are afraid of, will makes it easier to face your fear in the eye and conquer it. Some examples of underlying fears would be, the fear of failing, the fear of not having money, the fear of uncertainty, or the fear of rejection. This part may take a lot of soul searching but it is imperative that you identify your fears, because you can't face them if you don't realize what they are.

3. Set a list of long term and short term goals on what you would like to accomplish in your life.

4. Study your list of goals, and identify which of your fears are holding you back.

5. Take action! Channel all that stress into finding ways to accomplish your goals! Be persistent and don't give up! If your stress is not being happy with your job, identify why you are not happy and why you aren't looking for a new one. What do you fear? If your fear is not being able to find another job, have faith in yourself and at least try! Channel your stress into improving your skills, writing resumes, and networking with people. It may not happen overnight, but by channeling your stress towards accomplishing your goals, you will be keeping that stress from being internalized to the point that you explode.

By focusing on ways to put your stress into positive action, you will be teaching yourself to be one of those lucky individuals that are able find fulfillment by turning their stress into success.

Deborah Abdulla came from a position as a Human Resources Manager from an Oil and Gas Company in Houston, Texas. By using her own techniques, she faced her fears and transformed her life by moving halfway across the country to Nevada, and started a successful "green" business which can be found at http://www.indigo-daisy-shack.com

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