No More Sleepless Nights (Insomnia)

Insomnia is usually the result of the modern way of life and mental tension to which it leads. Innumerable persons suffer from insomnia. According to the available figures, sleeping pills worth millions of dollars are sold every year.

Though sleep is important for us, no general rules can be laid down regarding its duration and depth. Some people are not satisfied even with 9 to 10 hours sleep. Others can easily do with 4 to 5 hours sleep.

Mahatma Gandhi, Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill slept only for a few hours. Lord Nuffeild could never sleep. Yet his intelligence and wit were extremly sharp. In fact, we devote a lot more time for sleep than is actually essential.

Mental tension and sleeplessness are intimately correlated. Worry or excitement may keep sleep away. Lack of physical fatigue, adverse weather, tight clothing, uncomfortable mattress, consumption of stimulating drinks like coffee or tea and sexual dissatisfaction all can lead to sleeplessness. Indigestion and gas trouble can also drive sleep away. Besides, sleep has a tendency to gradually dcreases with age.

To have quick treatment, it is essential to search out the root cause of the disease first. Until real cause is searched out, Insomnia may go on afflicting the patient.

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