From Problems to Possibilities-Get Out of Your Old Story to Get On With the New!

I love a good story and I know I'm not alone. The evil villain, the adventurer or the sheer power of words captivate us and leave us wanting more. We join bookclubs to share our thoughts on the stories we've read. Great stories aren't just in books and movies. We're writing machines! Many of us self-publish our stories daily. If only we got paid for these stories. We do get compensated and it comes in the form of negative stress and overwhelm in our lives.

The stories we write range from small vignettes to the script for a feature length film. Take super-mom for example....super-mom lives in the story that she needs to do everything perfectly for everyone and often puts herself aside. The main character is both the hero and the victim at the same time. Or how about...I'll be happier when I have more money, more time ? fill in your own blanks. I've had a few clients who, as the main character in their own story, got so caught up in the details of the story - their day to day work - they somehow missed out on getting to what was really important to themself as the main character.

Stories like these do serve a purpose. They keep us busy 'doing' things so we can avoid 'being'. They protect us from taking responsibility for what's going on. They protect us from the possibility of failure or better yet, success or change. When we're the main character in the story it's often hard to write our way out. There is a way out! Write a new story that helps you create exactly the life you deserve.

Three simple steps can help you get beyond the story and eventually eliminate them so that you make better use of your time, have happier and healthier relationships and get more or what you want.

Step 1. Notice that you're in the story?.. With compassion for yourself, you may have been the main character for so long you've forgotten what it's like to be outside of the story. Sounds like a simple step and it is. The key to making any lasting changes is awareness.

Step 2. How is it serving you? What's the story all about? Don't be overly analytical here. The story likely makes you feel a certain way. What's the feeling attached to the story? What's the truth? What do you know for sure?

Step 3. Give yourself full permission to let go and let the real story unfold.

Make a choice....stay in the old story or rewrite the next chapter. How would you like things to be different, what's the step you could take in this moment that moves you in that direction?

So what's your old story? Is it helping you to live the life you deserve? Does your story hold you, as the main character, up to be your best as...creative, resourceful and most importantly whole? Start your new story today, the world is waiting and looking for you.

Debbie Kemp works as a coach to busy women who find themselves wrapped up in the stress and sometimes overwhelm that's holding them back from having a joy-filled life.

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