Keeping You Stress Free!

We function at our best when we are free from stress, relaxed, confident and focused. Feeling the adrenalin flow and achieving a deadline by the skin of our teeth may be exhilarating in the short term but as a way of life can be detrimental to both health and happiness. Stress has a habit of creeping up on us very slowly. At first it may just show itself in low-level irritation and then possibly some sleepless nights and eventually a feeling of being out of control, time off work and, if unchecked, some form of serious illness.

Working effectively involves ?

� Staying focused, relaxed and confident.

� Knowing that we don't always have to be right and perfect.

� Accepting other people's ideas and contributions.

� Creating time for personal development and relaxation activities.

� Prioritising.

� Staying fit and healthy.

� Having fun!

Take the quick test below to assess your current stress levels:

How stressed are you?

Tick the questions you answer yes to.

Do you ??

- Lack concentration?

- Become easily distracted?

- Have frequent lapses of memory?

- Take longer to do things than you used to?

- Make more mistakes than you used to?

- Appear to lack the ability to plan?

- Frequently become confused?

- Succumb to frequent emotional outbursts?

- Fall ill more frequently than you used to?

- Feel depressed and helpless?

- Have low self-esteem?

- Have difficulty speaking?

- Lack enthusiasm?

- Have low energy levels?

- Have disrupted sleep patterns?

- Have bizarre behaviour patterns?

- Suffer from frequent headaches

- Spend time being busy but getting very little done

If you answered yes to more than 4 of the above, chances are you are suffering from some degree of stress, often the ignition point for more serious disorders.

Ongoing stress can lead to long term conditions such as cardiovascular disorders, kidney damage, hyperglycaemia, exhaustion, weight loss, physical collapse, raised blood cholesterol, hardening of the arteries, stomach trouble, loss of body heat, blackouts, upset heart rhythm, allergic reactions and strokes. It is therefore important that we take steps to alleviate stress before it takes a more serious hold.

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