Through Stress Comes Kindness

In these times when companies are constantly down-sizing and right-sizing there is always a lot of stress. The stress comes first from the rumors that it may happen, then the actual doomsday when it happens, and then the aftermath of finding out how the company is going to operate. But there is one other thing that happens through all of this too? Kindness!

People start reaching out to people like never before. Feelings are displayed, discussed, and disseminated. There is concern and interest not only in the situation but in people's lives in general. Suddenly you find out there are others that have been through this. You hear the stories of how they not only survived but came through it with greater gains of friends, opportunities and sometimes even greater salaries.

Friends grow and new ones blossom as people reach out to know they are part of something that they may not have control over but that they all have in common. Where business was the call of the day, it still is but the human factor comes out more too. It becomes a time when it okay to express yourself and let others know you. It becomes a time when you can joke about things that you never would have before just to relieve the tension and everyone understands.

Kindness! What a wonderful warm, comforting word. All in all that is what it comes down to in times of great stress. There is a caring presence that all portray to all others. There is a definite good in all the negative and that is that kindness prevails!

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I started my first business teaching people self-esteem and motivation. It was an exciting business and I sometimes would hear from clients 2 years later telling me how I had changed their lives. I have trained 1000's of people on computer software and recorded about 200 training videos. I have always enjoyed public speaking and writing. My passion is helping others reach their goals, define their dreams, and create their success!

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