Reduce The Stress!

First, let's make a distinction between pressure and stress. We all have sources of pressure in our lives - sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. These pressures have a multitude of sources such as family, job, lack of job, finances, health or lack of time.

Stress is our internal, personal response or reaction to these pressures. Stress is how well we handle - or don't handle pressures. Too much self-imposed stress can affect us mentally, emotionally and physically. Our health can deteriorate, we can become depressed and easy to anger. We may look for chemical "escapes" or possibly even think of suicide.

It would help if we remember that our perspective of an event or situation is based on our programming - or thought filters. If our view of the present is distorted and/or our programming (filtering) is flawed, we will imagine (image) a severely distorted future which may unfortunately be a pretty sad sight. Thank goodness it is absolutely impossible for anyone to predict the future with 100% accuracy. There are simply too many variables.

Nevertheless, we all do it and usually with the conviction that what we have projected is reality. To a certain extent, it is because the images are so real in our minds even though they may be very negative and horrible. The subconscious mind buys into this as if these things were all fact. The more we think (image) and feel the emotions associated with these future projections, the more real they become.

Frequently then, our worst fears become reality simply because we have focused on them to the point we have led ourselves to do and say the exact things that were needed to materialize that which we dreaded most. We did it to ourselves...

So - what can we do about it?

First, we can take responsibility for our own thoughts and emotions remembering that we really do have the ability to control both their intensity and how long they last. Then, we can begin to take steps to reduce the pressures. By emphasizing and focusing on the positives of life, we will almost automatically start moving away from the negatives and the pressures they produce.

Next, we can start our own problem pest control business. By looking at our pressures one at a time, we can determine if there is a basic problem behind each one, then lay out a plan to solve the problem. Something needs to change - either us or the situation. We need to decide which and do something! This is the only way change will occur. The results may not be exactly what we expect, but there will be a change and it will probably be at least in a direction that in the long run will improve our lives dramatically.

It's worth a try, don't you think?

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