Dont Leave Your Financial Success To Chance

Recently I was reading a book called The Millionaire Mind. The book offers an intriguing look into the minds of those that have attained over one million dollars in net worth (there's far more to it then this, but I won't get that in depth for the purposes of this commentary)...

What's interesting is that while the people surveyed all tended to come from varying backgrounds, many of them implemented similar philosophies with regards to creating monetary successes in their lives.

I found the following particularly interesting in illustrating the point that these people do not tend to leave things to chance. Rather they chose to formulate their own particular plan in order to achieve what they wanted to manifest in their lives.

Another interesting thing is that the book states that the higher a person's net worth was on the list, the less likely that person was to ever play the lottery. Now please don't misunderstand me here, I am not picking on anyone that plays the lottery.

I am simply making a point that the people featured in the book tended to be those who took the time to develop a more selective plan for where they wanted to end up with regards to their monetary goals -- rather than simply leaving it to chance. And that my friend is something worth thinking about.

-- To Your Success, Josh Hinds

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