Q and A: Financial Independence Tips For Women From Coni Cecil

As a woman Netpreneur, I sat down via e-mail with article-announce regular contributor, Internet marketer and women's financial consultant Coni Cecil of www.cecilfreedom.com. She shared her Internet marketing and financial wisdom for women on the Net. The quote on her site from Eleanor Roosevelt is inspiring: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Q: I really admire your emphasis on marketing and financial freedom, especially the quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. What circumstances in women's lives help or hinder them to achieve their financial freedom?

A: Well Kristin, I think time and other commitments and obligations can be a hindrance to achieving financial freedom. As for help, women are very strong and the determination to succeed and provide for our families is incentive enough to achieve financial freedom. Certainly, the assistance of other people is a huge help, after you realize that you do not have to go it alone.

Q: How can women profit from resources you belong to, such as LeadLightning.com and MasterListBuilder.com, which your link www.cecilfreedom.com points to?

A: Lead Lightning is a fantastic tool to use for promoting your business.

It is very affordable for what you receive, and in fact, I truly believe it is under priced. Right now I'm only using 2 of the 25 auto responders [they give], but just knowing that I have access to 23 more for promotion of New Business, with no extra cost, allows me room for growth.

I will soon be using them for my articles, so you see, I most likely will be using all of them at some point in time.

As for MasterListBuilder, I believe in Joel Christopher, and one area I need help with is building my list. Joel knows what he is talking about, and I trust him.

Q: How did you design your Web site for Internet marketing success, and how do good design principles contribute to marketing success?

A: I didn't design my website. Lise Galipeau did. She's a friend of mine, and that is one of her strengths. It is not one of mine. In fact that's another area where I rely on other people. We are all good at certain things, and Lise is very good at what she does.

In my opinion, for marketing success, you have to earn trust. I don't like bells & whistles. Just give me plain simple language and honest, trustworthy, dependable programs and people.

Q: Women have more of an eye for design, for ease of us, for connection and information finding than your average male geek. Do you feel the time is ripe for women to make a success on the Web? What do statistics show about women Netpreneurs, many of whom started businesses out of hobbies or craft businesses?

a: The time is absolutely ripe for women to excel on the Web. After all, we are excelling at everything else, so why not this. (Smile)

Statistics show that women Netpreneurs are everywhere. Take a look around. Women are realizing that maybe they can make a living doing something they love and believe in. We aren't getting any younger. Many of us prefer to spend our time on something rewarding. I think we also want to make a difference in this world, which of course brings us satisfaction.

Q: Who are the women's success stories of the Web? Who do you admire?

A: Oh gosh, there are so many, and I admire more than I can possibly name here.

Lise Galipeau of http://www.womenscorner.com
Sam Knight of http://www.boomer4ever.com
Stephany Harper of http://www.sunnydays4ever.com
Kathy Collins of http://www.copingtoday.com
Jan Tallent-Dandridge of http://www.rimdigest.com

Q: Tell me about your involvement with Juvio.com. Would you classify yourself as a geek?

A: I am definitely not a geek. (At least in my opinion - grin) That is why I have Juvio. Most of that technical stuff is over my head, so Juvio not only helps me with problems, but they assist in the learning process too. I love this program. It makes me feel less alone here in the Internet World, and I can count on them to be there for me. Another under priced service that allows me to grow.

Q: How did you join MyPlace and would you recommend it to other Women Netpreneurs?

A: Thanks to Sam Knight, I found Lise Galipeau, and it just felt right. Like MyPlace. The honesty is there, and that is the most important thing to me. I'm a Leo, and we are very loyal. I would definitely recommend MyPlace to other Women Netpreneurs. They will not be disappointed.

Q: In terms of Internet marketing besides the two tools I mentioned, I know that you contribute articles to Article-Announce. What other avenues have worked for you? What avenues have not worked and why? How have you learned from these mistakes?

A: Article Announce is very helpful, and I read a lot of the articles that are sent my way. The learning experience is great.

Barry Baker has also helped me a lot. He is the Owner of http://usaezine.com and I write Coni's Corner for him that is published every Monday in "Today's Power Motivational".

Patricia Whaley of http://www.enchantedwealth.com gave me my first chance, when she agreed to let me write a weekly column for her ezine. Her encouragement made all of the difference.

Lead Programs do not seem to work for me, but that is probably my fault, because I tend to be phone shy.

Writing is my passion, and that's why I get help with so many other things. It's not that I don't want to learn to build a Web site, etc., it's just that I prefer to spend my time writing. It just makes me happy.

I've learned that being a Netpreneur is about building relationships first, and then your Business.

Q: Thank you, Coni.

Visit Coni Cecil at http://www.cecilfreedom.com and http://www.conicecil.com.

What are YOUR dreams?

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