How To Be A Millionaire - The Top Secret Of Wealth Creation

Have you any idea how many people search Google every single day for terms such as, "make fast money" or "get rich quick"?

Intelligent, motivated people, just like you and me? It's veritably FRIGHTENING.

Some do it for a laugh.

Some do it because they have a wealth creation product for sale, and some do it for the same reason as they type into their search engine box "For the love of God, please help me!" - because they're desperate and at their wit's end.

There is clearly some secret about the processes of wealth building and wealth creation, about how someone can start with nothing and ends up becoming a millionaire.

This isn't about hard graft, studying laboriously or being ultra clever. It has NOTHING to do with deservability, good looks, being lucky or a whiz at making money. I don't have to tell you this because you know that, you can see it all around you, every day.

Being A Millionaire Is A GOOD Goal!

The first mistake in a way is to get confused between the idea of "being a millionaire" and "making money".

You can make money in all sorts of ways - robbing a bank, running a string of prostitutes, scams and con tricks, selling drugs, killing your old mother for the insurance money.

But that's not what people mean when they wonder, "How can I become a millionaire?"

I think what they mean is, "How can I start a course of events that will lead me to becoming truly WEALTHY, INDEPENDENT of others and the vagaries of life, and claim my own personal FREEDOM to be and do as I want."

This is a desire which is inborn and natural to HUMAN BEINGS - as they grow up and become adults, they NEED TO become the lords and ladies of their own domains, the rulers of their own kingdoms and the masters of their own destinies.

That people are driven by desperation into crime and the proverbial "get rich quick" schemes EVENTUALLY is just a sign of what a profound need and DRIVE that is to human beings.

Contrary to many falsely interpreted ideas from fable and religions teachings, it is a GOOD THING for people to strive for that freedom, that actualisation and that space they need to become themselves, step into their true lives and MAKE A LASTING CONTRIBUTION not just to their own pockets or their direct heirs, but to humanity itself.

"I Need To Make Money ... Fast ..." When it comes to the point where someone has the credit sharks circling and they are so stressed and totally desperate that they will just cling to ANY thing that seems to be a life raft, even if it turns out that the log which was supposed to hold them above water and save their lives was actually a poisonous snake, that is not something new.

Things have been going on FOR A LONG TIME for a person to finally reach that point.

Politicians with a vested interest and philistines will often say that people are lazy and stupid, and that they want everything for free.

I'm sorry, but that is not my experience AT ALL.

I have dealt with people from all strata of life, and they all want to DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL with their time, and they all want to be REWARDED for this with good things and good feelings.

They ALL have wishes and needs of personal actualisation but just simply don't know what's going wrong, why what they are trying to do isn't working to make them become rich, make them become wealthy, and thus FREE and happy.

Conflicts About Wealth Creation

The problem with people and the real true reason why someone who really wants to be a millionaire can't seem to get it going as it should is that they THINK too much.

That is not just the case with wannabe millionaires of course, but with everyone and all of the time - people come equipped with this super-fast computer brain that runs, day in, day out, at light speed and produces all manner of conflicting instructions, commands, ideas - CHAOS, in other words.

This doesn't just bugger up all manner of decision processes completely, but it also often produces total stalemate in the form of procrastination - a person might desperately need money, really want to make money, even enjoy making money and STILL they can't get themselves to pick up that phone and call a client or prospective business partner.

How are you supposed to become a millionaire with all of that going on?

It's impossible, isn't it.

Millions Upon Millions - Again And Again

Make no mistake - being a millionaire isn't like winning the lottery and HAVING a million all of a sudden.

That just makes you into a muppet with a million FOR A SHORT TIME, just wait for it, a fool and their money are soon parted - and deep down inside, you know that.

There's more to the question as how one gets to be a millionaire than just a bucket of money.

It's an attitude, it's a state of being, it is something that can't be taken away from you - to be a millionaire, you don't have to have a million just yet. It's a question of knowing how to make money, how to handle it, leverage it, have it be a tool for your success and your pleasure not just once, but TO REALLY GET IT HOW IT ALL WORKS and then APPLY IT, day in, day out.

That's what being a real millionaire is all about.

The MindMillion Secret

Now listen.

I've written a book called MindMillion, and I want to sell it, of course. I want people to buy it and READ IT, and then go on to USE IT for it was intended to be used - namely to go out, change your stars and become a real, actual, MINDMILLION millionaire.

That's I want, that's why I did it.

But I will tell you one thing right here and now, what the real difference is between "the poors" and "the riches", the losers and the real millionaires. It is a measurable and practical, statistical relationship that holds true regardless of whether you're a Muslim in India, a Buddhist in Sri Lanka, a Rasta on Jamaica or a Christian in Massachusetts.

The real difference is FEAR.

In order to be successful and get to be rich you need to be FEARLESS.

If you don't have a "rich daddy" who will sort out your messes and pay your bills for you, then you need to be fearless in order to make cool, calm decisions; to jump over your own shadow to do things that are difficult or hard if necessary; to take risks and opportunities as and when they arise, without hesitation, with extreme responsiveness; to come back fighting when you've had a crash; and you need to be able to stand up against the shadows of your own failures of the past and doubts for the future.

The less money you have, the less you can AFFORD TO BE AFRAID - because that's stress, and stress makes you stupid.

The more stress, the more stupid and unpractical the decisions we make, and the worse our situation becomes - causing ever more stress and fear. That's the real truth about the poverty spirals that intelligent people find themselves trapped within.

Even if you don't go on to buy the immensely reasonably priced book, MindMillion, and do the full range of exercises therein properly and as they were designed to be, take note of what I've said about FEAR and start working JUST with that and nothing else.

Get yourself a good anxiety protocol such as can be found on The Sidereus Foundation or download a FREE functional EFT Demo here.

Notice when you're getting "stress stupid" - just so afraid of whatever that you're making really terrible decisions, buy into "get rich quick schemes" or fall prey to con men, take out disastrous overpriced loans and all those sort of things that real intelligent people just do when they are FRIGHTENED HALF TO DEATH.

For the love of God, calm yourself down and do not act until your thoughts have cleared and you can think again.

There are many sharks out there, ready and waiting to feed on people who are stressed and desperate. PLEASE take note and be careful.

Whoever you are, whether you're young or old, no matter what race or shape or size, no matter what your education, you're a person and you have a head on your shoulders.

This head contains a brain that has more neurons in it than there are stars in the visible sky, and the possibilities of connections between them are to all intents and purposes INFINITE.

You can use this for all sorts of things, including for how to get rich, making cash, getting yourself out of debt quickly and eventually, to become a REAL honest self made millionaire.

It'll work for you - but only if you are calm and collected.

As I've said, I've worked with many thousands of people over the years on just these sort of wealth creating issues, and not being "stress stupid" any more really is the master key to forward movement.

Buy the book if you've got the money and the will. I know it will help you sort yourself out and move forward in the right direction. There's a lot more in there than "just" thinking clearly.

But either way, promise me and yourself that you won't make any more financial decisions, goals or plans unless you are calm and completely fearless.

You'll start making IMMENSELY SUPERIOR DECISIONS right away, and that's a fact.

With that alone, you'll get yourself sorted and eventually, you WILL make your fortune.

Good luck to you, whoever you may be.

Have my most sincere blessings.

And NOTHING would please me more than if you were to turn it around and really create and build your own wealth, and become a real, true, SELF MADE millionaire.

All the best,

Silvia Hartmann

Author, MindMillion - Rags To Riches In 6 Phases

Silvia Hartmann PhD is an author, NLP, Hypnosis & MET Trainer and international motivational speaker. Her published books include the international best seller "Adventures In EFT", "Project Sanctuary" and "EmoTrance". After a five year research project, she created MindMillion, a unique approach to wealth building and reality creation.

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