A Checklist For Drafting Business Letters And Emails

Write Right - You have an all important business letter or email drafted, proof read and waiting to be sent. Before you dash it off, use this self questionnaire to ensure that you have written to Express and not to Impress.

=> Is it actually necessary? Would a phone call or personal visit do?

=> What is the purpose of the document?

Is it to - Request information / Clarify a stand or position / Pass on information / Request action from your reader/s. State the purpose in the first paragraph, preferably in the first line.

=> Is the document addressed to the correct person?

=> Do I need to send copies to anyone?

=> If I want something, have I said by what date?

=> If requesting action, am I doing it politely?

=> Have I provided all the necessary information, facts and figures?

=> Have I made any assumptions? If yes, get them verified.

=> Is there a clear understanding of what the next step is going to be?

This is known as the HOT POTATO because it will cause some reaction or movement from the reader. An example of a HOT POTATO -

"As soon as we receive the documents, we will process your refund." This statement makes it clear that the reader must send the required documents.

=> Have I verified all the figures and dates?

=> Have I checked all spellings and punctuations?

Once you have ticks for all the questions go ahead and send that letter or email.

About The Author

The author is the developer of Letter Aid software. Letter Aid allows you to cut paste letter receiver details in to your business letter, so you need not type them every time. Letter Aid is a FAST and EASY Way for drafting Business Letters and emails. Visit http://trilithon1.tripod.com/ to download a trail version.

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