Suspense Novels Need Fast Starts

Suspense novels, unlike any other genre, need fast starts. Fans of suspense novels or their close relatives, thrillers, detective stories and mysteries, expect a fast-paced read. These suspense fans want that pace to begin immediately. So, if you want to create marvelous, fast-paced suspense novels, follow this one simple rule.

If your goal is to pen successful suspense novels, you will likely have a killer or some type of conspirator in your story. Your protagonist is likely running from the killer or is trying to unravel the conspiracy. In order to have your suspense novels hit the ground running, have either a tragic event in the opening chapter or have your protagonist involved in something dangerous.

Let me offer an example, using one of my own suspense novels. In The League, a group of people are trying to bring down someone or a group of people harming professional athletes. In order to get fans of suspense eager to read the rest of the novel, I decided to have an attack on a player in chapter one. So, instead of working on building characters and setting or something else, as some suspense writers do, I get immediately to the action that gives suspense novels the pace that they need to keep readers turning the pages.

So, when you sit down to begin the first of what will hopefully be many best-selling suspense novels, be sure you hit the ground running. Give your suspense novel the pace that your reader wants.

Mark Barnes is a novelist, sports writer and writing coach. He is the author of the novel, The League, a shocking, sports-related conspiracy, published by DNA Press. His next novel, Troon, a suspense/thriller about a golfer fighting for his life while trying to win a 5 million-dollar secret tournament at Royal Troon in Scotland, is currently in production. Learn more about Mark Barnes and his work at Once there, pre-order his unique suspense/thriller, The League, and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

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