Tame Your Work Stress

Work stress has become a major problem today. The nature of work is changing at whirlwind speed. Now more than ever before, job stress poses a threat to your health.

Although an estimated 50% of US employers are trying to help their employees with work stress management ? doctors still estimate that 9 out of every 10 patient visits are directly related to financial or work stress.

A survey by a major US insurance company ? Northwestern national Life ? reported that:

- 40% of US workers feel their job is very or extremely stressful, and

- 26% report that they are very often burned out by their work. The medical world is telling us that lack of adequate work stress management is at the root of most of our physical disease and disorders today -- and is also the direct cause of the increasingly common problem of "early aging" and intimacy problems. Plus... stress is the known enemy of creativity and optimal mental functioning.

Since ultimately your mental health is ultimately your responsibility ? managing your work stress ultimately falls on your shoulders. And there's another other obvious reason it's so important to manage your stress -- to avoid the danger of burnout from excessive work stress, and potential loss of your job.

Ultimately the source of your work stress is how you respond to what's happening at work. So it makes sense that the most obvious answer is to attack your stress at its source -? your brain.

**Brainwave Training ? The Immediate Stress Management Tool

Modern neuroscience has provided some amazing stress management tools that have not yet found their way into the workplace. One of the most powerful tools is brainwave training ?- a technique that immediately reaches into your brain and turns off "the stress switch."

In the simplest possible terms ?-- brainwave training causes your brain to mimic the brainwaves of high-achieving successful individuals who have learned to totally manage their stress.

The immediate benefits include instant stress reduction, increased IQ and mental clarity, better mental focus, and even a reduction of headaches and insomnia.

The long-term benefit is that your brain is actually trained to create these mental states and habits all on its own! Your brain learns to decrease the frequency and severity of stress -- and even to overcome it altogether!

**How does this work in the brain?

Your brain is an electro-chemical organ. When a neuron (brain cell) is stimulated, it releases a tiny electrical charge. Since billions of your neurons are constantly firing electrically, an electrical wave is created. These waves are called "brainwaves."

You experience a simple form of brainwave training when you watch a flickering fire, or listen to certain music.

What happens is that your neurons (brain cells) begin to fire "in-time" to the music or flickering flames -- just like tapping your foot to music. Then after about 6 seconds, your brain starts to reproduce the rhythm internally all by itself.

**The web's first mental workout ezone

The Quantum Brain Gym is a unique mental workout ezone as close as your computer. The web's first complete brain gym -- it has been packed with brain-building tools by leading pioneer brain/mind researcher and neuropsychologist Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler.

It contains virtually everything you need to manage your stress, and boost your mindpower, including:

? A complete 350-page library of mind-building articles ? 2-3 minute motivational messages to quickly boost your mental outlook and optimism ? Custom-engineered brainwave training audios designed to rapidly tame your stress, and supercharge your mental abilities, ? And much, much more!

**The benefits are truly substantial Here's a sample of the benefits you'll get from regular visits to the brain gym for your mental workouts:

? Instantly reduce and manage your stress, ? Increase your mental focus while you study or work, ? Boost your creativity, ? Sharpen your memory, ? Measurably increase your IQ, ? Get powerful morning or afternoon natural energy boosts, ? Learn to enter into deep meditative states, ? Rapid and long lasting personal change. ? And much, more!

**What computer equipment do I need?

Because of the power of the state-of-the-art Quantum Brain Gym technologies, you do not need headphones, or even stereo speakers! The brainwave sessions are equally effective on a laptop speaker, or from across the room.

**Your brain is precious! Click the below link to view a detailed list of the Quantum Brain Gym contents. You can sign up on that page, and immediately claim all these brain-smart benefits for yourself!

By Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler, Brain/Mind Researcher
� 2004 All Rights Reserved

The author, Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler, is a doctor of psychology, pioneer brain/mind researcher, and former advisor to the Pentagon, a Presidential Commission, and numerous top executives and executive teams. The author of several books and hundreds of articles, she is also the co-founder of quantum-self.com, and the Creative Director of the Self Discovery Community. She can be reached at: [email protected]

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