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Do you have financial problems? Then a budget is the answer if you are tired of wondering where your income went. A budget is the answer, if you don't have savings. A budget is also the only solution to getting out of credit card debt.

You can purchase a 6-column ledger or use an electronic ledger in recording your expenses and income. Or purchase budget software. While an electronic ledger (like Excel) functions by keeping your financial records and doing your computations, budget software programs will do much more.

Here are several features your budget software should have, to effectively help you keep track of expenditures and record your savings.

1. The budget software should with a worksheet, show you where your funds go, and provide you with the exact amount of your current financial situation.

2. The budget software should have in addition to the more common ledger title columns, make available the option for you to create your own personalized account titles. This makes it more accurate, and enables you to keep track of daily expenses, of your saving accounts, payments for insurance, auto, utilities payments and even entertainment expenses.

3. The budget software should allow you to compare the financial differences between the budget you set against actual expenditures. It would be great if this feature were accompanied by a reminder feature that tells you, you're overspending.

4. The budget software should provide you the option of creating and tracking individual accounts, should you wish to set one for you and your spouse, or your children. You can use this to monitor each child's expenses.

5. The worksheet visuals of the budget software should be easy to understand.

6. Usage of the budget software must be user friendly and have help menus that are built in the program.

After you've read the company brochures, and spoken to the sales staff, request for a demonstration. Personally test the budget software, to make certain you have ease of use. Ask the company they provide product updates at discounted prices.

Make sure that the budget software vendor have an efficient customer support and after sales services. Request for list of their clients and talk with these people. Ask to be sure that you can reach them on the net, by phone and email. List their physical address, should you need to drive by their shop.

You need to be honest, committed and disciplined in making and keeping a budget. If you do, you'll be able to get the most out of your income in spending along with saving wisely.

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