Jobless? You Stand To Be Rich!

This is a true story about a homeless man from Illinois. This man slept in alleys, park benches and wherever else he could find enough space for himself. This man used to beg for food and money. He had nothing but time to himself.

He knew he was capable of being more than just another homeless man. Can you imagine being homeless and having a vision inside of you that you can't get out? In my opinion, being homeless with a vision is worse than just being homeless. The reason this is worse is because if you tell someone your vision while you are in a homeless situation they will laugh and not provide any money to you for fear that you are on drugs.

This man understood his vision and had what Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, would call a definite purpose. This man's purpose was strong in the sense that he did not let anyone shake his confidence in himself.

You must have this same sense of purpose because people will try to take you out of your game plan. You must resist their temptation and shake them off as though you knew without a doubt you were born to bear out your purpose.

This man stayed the course and decided to start collecting aluminum cans and selling them to the junkyard. Everyday he would go around collecting aluminum cans off the ground, out of garbage cans, and wherever else he could get them.

He used the money he received from the sale of the aluminum cans to first feed himself and then to feed his vision. Slowly but surely he began saving more and more of his money, while still homeless.

He eventually saved enough to open an auto parts store. The auto parts store was his vision! His vision grew to a chain of auto parts stores. Yes, a chain of stores from a former homeless man. Do you see how every coin and every dollar counts?

This man powered his purpose with actionable faith. He did not let what people thought deter him from his goal. There are many examples all around us of people who went from rags to riches. If someone else did it, so too can you.

Hopefully, this story illustrates why it does not matter where you are today. Decide that your tomorrow will be much more desirable.

Can I tell you a secret? This man's story did not begin when he started collecting aluminum cans, his story started when he decided to believe in his vision. Your story starts the moment you decide to believe in your vision.

Do you believe in your vision? Have you decided not to let other people take you out of your game plan? If so, you are definitely on your way.

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