Spiritual and Emotional Money Goals: The Keys to a Financially Free Future

Are you setting the right money goals?

Most people believe having more money would mean having more security. Right? Wrong. Having more money is only one goal we need to achieve in order to be financially free. Increasing our internal ability for abundance is the goal we need to meet first.

The problem with only pursuing wealth externally and not internally is that our hidden, limiting beliefs about money can wipe out our savings, our line of credit at the bank, and the $5 we borrowed from a friend to put gas in our car.

Having more security is not something that can be determined or created by how much we earn, how much we save, or how much we own. Security is an internal barometer of how much we trust ourselves to be able to handle difficult circumstances.

In order to do this, we must set result-oriented goals (the vacation, the new house, etc) as well as clean up any negative internal programming we have around money.

Let's try an example. Say that you do get that raise, or get some unexpected windfall of cash. You think your all set. And then in a matter of 30 ? 90 days, you're back to where you started. What happened? One of two things: Either you have spent your cash on something you thought would bring you more security, or, in the case of a raise, you have also raised the level of your debt so that while you are now making more money, you are also spending more money.

How do you know what your internal money goals are? The first thing to do here is to look at your relationship with money for the past 10 years. What patterns do you see creeping out? Are their any serious financial challenges? Is there a pattern of high peaks and low valleys? What does your money history tell you about your internal relationship to money?

Set A Goal To Create A NEW Relationship With Money

Then take this information you have just gathered and consider it. Develop 3-4 internal money goals that will reflect a change in your relationship to money. If you've had a "love-hate" relationship for example, what can you do to change that?

Here are a few examples to get you started:

Forgiving yourself for past money mistakes or bad decisions? Building your level of trust and deserving with money? Having your own relationship to money instead of your parent's? Eliminating money patterns that produce "scarcity thinking?"

By creating result-oriented goals around money combined with spiritual and emotional-level goals around money, we can begin to exact change in our relationship to money ? and have MORE of it!

Bernie Cardell makes things happen. He has experience in coaching all types of people including gifted and creative people, business owners, executives, teenagers, actors, board members, healthcare practitioners, and just about anyone you can think of. Through his experience in coaching, working for Insight Seminars Worldwide, The Love and Logic Institute, and The New Warrior Project, he has had the opportunity to coach hundreds of people through confusion to large and lasting change.

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