Wealth Creation - Opportunity

When young men ask me how to succeed, I tell them, 'Don't spend money on yourself until you no longer need it to expand your business. Any young man willing to pay the price can rise to success.' Opportunity never stops at the door, knocks and passes on-Opportunity eats with you, works be�side you and at night sleeps on the door-mat. Blame no one but yourself if you ignore her.

A GREAT deal has been written about oppor�tunity. You have heard that opportunity knocks once at every man's door and all that sort of thing.

Opportunity is a large family of big fellows and little fellows and some one of them is frequently found knocking at some one's door.

Your biggest opportunity may have knocked and passed on when you were away from home or sound asleep or too well satisfied for the moment with your condition.

The same opportunity which might be big to one man is little to another man but it is opportunity none the less.

The present opportunity which we have in mind is the wonderful chance at this particular time for the great majority of the people to save money.

On every hand are chances to make money and on almost every purchase there is opportunity for saving money. The wise man will keep his eyes wide open and his mind alert for the big chance and for every little chance.

"Things do not turn up in this world until some�body turns them up."

Leigh Everett

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