Early Retirement The Dream of the Working Classes

Everyone dreams of early retirement. The idea of no longer having to work at an early age is very attractive to some people and they dream and wish all day long about the day that they can afford to say, "Take this job and?" well, you know. Unfortunately, for many people, early retirement is a dream that will never be realized. It is not because they are in a job that won't allow early retirement or because they love their work so much that they can't bear to leave it. It is simply because they spent their time dreaming about early retirement rather than planning for it.

There is almost no reason why anyone who wants to can't enter into early retirement by the time they reach age forty or fifty. There are some who manage to retire early while still in their thirties. What's the secret? Why are some able to achieve early retirement while others can only dream?

Because they planned for it.

Planning for early retirement should also begin early. In fact, the earlier the planning begins, the earlier the retirement can begin. Planning for early retirement should consist of a serious financial plan that includes aggressive saving and investing strategies. Of course the investing should not be so aggressive as to be overly risky. No one wants their best laid plans of early retirement to be torn asunder by a poorly planned investment.

If a person really wants to be able to go into early retirement, she needs to start planning now. Consulting with a financial planner should be the first order of business. The planner can show the potential early retiree exactly what steps to take to put together a plan for early retirement. With the right advice, the right plan, and a touch of luck, early retirement can be the reality rather than the dream for everyone.

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