Starting With Smaller Goals First And Work Your Way Up Until You Achieve Financial Freedom

While you need to have a lot of positive-thought and confidence in order to be self-motivated, there are a few things that you can do which will help you to achieve all three things. These steps are generally pretty easy to do - and since they're simple steps, they may seem a little less daunting at first than having to figure out how to be positive-thinking and confident right out of the blue.

The first thing you should do is sit down and write down all of your major goals (including financial freedom). These should be your most important goals and dreams - essentially the few things that you would really consider to be your life goals. Make sure while you're writing this list that you actively think to yourself that these goals are entirely possible.

Next, you should make a list of the benefits that you'll get if you achieve your goals, as well as the negative effects that could occur if you do not achieve your goals. Once you've done that, you'll know what your motivation is to be successful at achieving your goals. This is a good list to take out if you ever start feeling unmotivated - and if you think to yourself about it, you should be able to self motivate.

The next thing you should do is to figure out what stands in your way. This is a good way to figure out what things are probably making you worry that you won't be as successful as you need to be.

Once you have that list, you should try to think of a few small, short-term goals that will help you get over the obstacles that stand between you and your major life goals. Once you figure those out, you should make sure that you work toward those goals. Keep in mind, the short-term goals should actually be possible within a short-term period of time. While you do need to be self-motivated and positive-thinking, it is still important to make sure that you don't over-burden yourself.

Finally, the best way to make sure that you'll be positive-thinking, and that you'll eventually succeed and achieving financial freedom and the rest of your goals is to keep working toward your small goals - and each time you achieve one, make sure to add another small goal to your list.

If you work hard and are self-motivated, you're sure to achieve financial freedom!

Stefanus Wahyudi has started financial freedom journey since his college years. Now, he is encouraging many to do the same: start early! For more information about his business, you can access his system at:

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