The Secrets of World Money Flows and A Simple Way to Understand Them

You can learn the secrets of world monetary flow if you will simplify the concept. The Allegory of a "The Beach Ball," is not taught in all universities, perhaps it should be. Learn what the elite know about the money flow. This abstract thought "The Beach Ball Effect" help to bring light to the flow of money in World Economies for your personal financial future and assist you in teaching your kids about the world of money.

The Beach Ball represents the earth, inside are the Olympic Rings representing countries. The Beach Ball is you normal every day beach ball and the olympic rings you are familar with and they are plastic inside of the Beach Ball in the center connected to the inside of the ball. The Plastic Olympic Rings are hollow and are filled with water representing the money.

The theory of the Olympic Rings Symbol goes further. Place the hollow ring symbol in a beach ball so the edges touch the sides of the inner sphere. The Plastic Symbol of the Olympic Rings has three openings on the top rings representing the first world countries. There are pin hole openings which occasionally leak on the bottom set of rings representing all the third world countries. Water is put inside the rings through the fill up holes in the Large Countries, caps which leak only slightly are put over those holes. The water is at a level of half full.

Now give the beach ball to (3) three year-olds to play with and when you think you control the beach ball some outside force moves it. But when they stop playing with it, it sleeps and the water runs down hill inside the symbol inside to which ever side is downward at the end of play for the day and occasionally the beach ball moves a little after the kids stop playing as the water shifts inside since the water has weight. And as it slides the weight moves the symbol of the rings since it is attached to the sides.

The United States of America is one of the top circles which has the largest openings to fill up, we are one of three. The others are Asia-Pacific rim Countries and the EU. The WTO wants equal fill up points and wants to be where the water is flowing too, controlling those flows. The World Bank, The Fed and Other minor players all together are filling up the system as per economic theory, observations of past beach ball play and trying to balance the system.

Where each circle touches another there is a junction, at these junctions you have market makers, trade groups, distribution systems allowing the flows and often collecting pieces of the flow. Staying within the constant flow of the money or so they hope. Although there are many other factors all working together, some unpredictable, unprobable, but never impossible.

Everyone else at the juncture points wishes to have the water run thru their junction point on the rings too, since everywhere the hollow rings touch is there is a junction point. Some want the rings to come apart and only one or no junctions on their rings protecting their water supply, willing to close trade, borders, increase tarrifs, regulations to make it so. Some want the rings to come together as one. Some want them to spin and connect in other places forming circles in different shapes, 3D polygons, as the world turns so does the flow of water or money. Changing power and effecting people who are citizens in the rings which go through cycles of flow or no flow, trying to manage their personal lives with the changes in the water supply or money supply. Money supply or water is often adjusted to.

If the rings grow closer together then there will be more points, draw circles like the rings of the Olympics closer together and see they have more junctions. If they become one circle they will become all one with no junction points. Some want little part of anything, a closed loop system, they can control, although they are never satisfied with this and then want to take water from others or control the whole of the flow of all.

Think of all these junctions as flows or other resources, you can see that unless the beach ball is completely at rest and the ring completely horizontal that someone wants to add water or tilt the rings by either moving the ball of swishing water to another place, by way of closing off junctions adding them and thus the game continues. Like a ship sinking some doors must be closed and fellow crew sealed in to protect the system, from losing the ship. Hard choices to make in economics and flows. No one wants to be without out money or water. Working together is the best policy, but there are also outside forces to the sphere of influence of the supply, flow rates and only so many ways to control those issues. Changing consistency of the water so it flows slower or faster such as changing or manipulating valuations. Taxing flow, slowing payments, changing rates.

It is better to look at the world abstractly, because if you look at it from a people standpoint or a "Me VS Them" then you get all bent out of shape over nothing. Similarly the politicians and media incite fear and action, often without understanding the bigger picture. Some feel they have won when they are doing well for a decade or 3-5 year period, yet the true game is so much bigger than this.

Then there is the kid who wants to take the beach ball from the others and the dog who bites the kid as he holds it above his head. In otherwords when you ask who is controlling the world. The answer is no one, but every one wants to. The kids appear to be random, but they have their own game, sometimes playing and passing the ball back and forth, swishing water supply appears to be working in a constant motion of chaos, controlled chaos. Everyone has flow, as long as they have their junctions open "Free Trade" something any beautiful mind might agree. As we are often reminded of Adam Smith's warnings or Carl Marx's theory of capitalism when we allow manipulations of the system unnecessarily.

Now in the children's room is a dog too. The description of the Olympic symbols and the significance of the dog playing with the beach ball when the three children are not playing with it has other symbolism.

The DOG is GOD spelled backwards. It symbolizes what we humans think as random events that we cannot explain which happen and we call mother nature things such as; Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Wild Fires, El Nino, Solar Flairs, Ice Ages, Viruses Volcanoes, etc. Let's not forget manmade events such as strikes, terrorist events, accidents, spills, wars, etc. as all are part of the game and due impact the flows of money.

Things which disrupt the somewhat normal flows of mankind which the previous periods cultures explained by the use of Greek Gods. We use Dogs or Dog and this also represents the DOGMA. Because usually with three children there is also a mom around. Which is the great stabilizer, signifying order in the Universe, a plan, a system, structure other than chaos. A grand unification of stabilization. The mom puts the ball back in the corner or in the closet always puttling it so she can see the Olympic Rings looking down on it. The rings are generally horizontal for the most part. Mother Nature if you will.

The Greeks had names of Gods for everything. And felt these stories and gods could explain all that could not be explained. The often discussed allegories and such concepts and had stories for the masters of Wind, fire, love, waves in ocean, stars in the sky etc. This analogy of the Hollow Plastic Olympic Rings with water in them is the best way one has been able to come up with to describe the multi-axis and directions of potential economic flows and explains the way the countries interact and how the finite supply of money is relative and changes and the perceptions change, thus people can understand their part in the world as small as that might be or as large as it is depending on their location in the Rings, Ball, Children, dog, mom or closet.

Even for those outside the system of which includes the water leakage from the small rings, or the small percentage of outward flows from the filler caps in the large countries, the underground economy, offshore accounts, debt forgiveness and dfaults, etc. The escaping water droplets have significant because water forms a minicus and droplets often do not move, attaching on the rings or on the inside surface of the beach ball. Condensation appears in side a beach ball which is a method of retrieval while most of the water is created signifying the question you had regarding what is money and what does it represent. Too much condensation and we end up with outside flows, which needs to be put back into the system and is now unaccounted for. Those flows also move the beach ball and cause it wobbling. Think of wars, drug traffic, etc. These upset the system, but are also part of the chaos and the external system, when in motion and in play they do not effect much, only a lesson to the system of past problems. When the mom puts the beach ball away they move to the bottom of the inside of the beach ball and actually tend to stabilize the ball when not in motion, keeping it from rolling.

To the extent that the beach ball is an enclosed encapsulated system which is similar to this planet Earth, beach balls also have openings and this allows for further interaction from other worlds, ah the future, space colonies, asteroid mining, etc. The enclosed beachball also signifies the linear time trap of humans presently and the fact that some day we will find that hole and explore the outside realm. For now we are are stuck inside the ball and effected by the flow. The fill up hole in beachballs leak where the present and the future meet between gravity, air and space, it is the door to the all knowledge and our future.

In this allegory the children will grow up and not be as interested in the beach ball and it will remain as it was and the family pet, the dog will eventually die, the mom will sell the beach ball at a garage sale, or throw it out. Or it might be saved for the next set of kids or grand kids and thus the human race repeats the past again and again, but are we learning anything? All of which signifies the uncertainties, possibilities, vulnerabilities and our future abilities to change the destiny of the future of humankind.

Although this scenario maybe too abstract for most people it is simplistic as is the universe, quantum mechanics, gravity, time, light, grand unification and the closet is dark where the beach ball is packed away and the air slowly deflates or it is pumped up by its new owner from the garage sale purchase or the happy parents who say, "Look the beach ball we use to play with" and then "Hey, kids here is a beach ball. We must also be careful not to pop the beach ball or not take the beach ball allegory seriously, because as abstract a thought as this is. Life is not a beach without the beach ball.

You see the secret to world monetary flows is not so difficult to understand, Plato was correct it is much easier to learn by allegory and what could be simplier than a beachball?

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