Lesson 1 - Why Arent You Wealthy?

We will start the Financial Fitness System with the assumption that you are out of shape financially or you would not have decided to subscribe to the course. So, again, why aren't you wealthy? There are some exceptions, but for the majority of the world it's the same reason. You did not choose to be wealthy, that's it, end of story. We told you this would be simple!

Now for those of you reaching for the mouse to delete this lesson, stop a minute and think about it, why aren't you a doctor assuming that you are not a doctor, or for that matter why aren't you a sanitation worker, broker, baker, or candlestick maker assuming those aren't your professions? It's because you chose to be something else. Sometimes this choice happens on a whim or by default when we fail to choose. Even if your chose not to decide what you will become, you still have made a choice!

The simple truth is there are no secrets to becoming wealthy. There are however a set of specific steps to becoming wealthy that are sometimes so obvious they get overlooked. If you decided to read 10 biographies of 10 of the wealthiest people you have ever heard of, and outlined the steps they took to become wealthy, you would soon discover the common denominators of their success. Wealth is available to everyone, regardless of education, background, age, race, or any other excuse you may have heard in the past. Wealth plays no favorites, it only responds to a specific set of actions.

What if it were that simple? Good news, it is!

So why aren't you and the majority of the population wealthy? Remember wealth is available to everyone, and creating wealth is simple, however, creating wealth is not easy, or everyone would be getting wealthy.

Creating an absolute abundance of income in your life is not some specially guarded secret formula that only a select few are clued in on. In fact the bookshelves are lined with true stories written by wealthy people who cant wait to tell you how they did it! In this course, we have drawn from the top minds and mentors among the wealthiest people in the world, to bring you a concise summary of the basics of becoming wealthy.

There are only 2 things that can prevent you from becoming wealthy:

1 - You don't know how - (Yet!)
2 - You are unwilling to apply what you know.

In the next 9 days we will take care of the "I don't know how" but only you can take care of reason #2.

Success leaves clues. Over the next few days, the Financial Fitness System will simply point out the common denominators of creating wealth, then show you how you can immediately apply that knowledge. Before we are through, you will have the ability to act on this new knowledge and be well on your way to creating financial abundance in your life.

Here are the key points to remember from today's lesson:

Wealth is a choice, not a chance.
There are no secrets to wealth.
Wealth follows rules.
The rules are simple, but not easy.
You can learn the rules.
You can follow the rules, or choose not to.
Realize that it's your choice.
Your Next Step!

What You Need to Do NOW

A dream without action is a fantasy... a dream with action becomes a goal!

Today's lesson has been brief, you now know you have the power to choose to become financially fit. Before we dive in to wealth strategies in the next lesson, it's important to determine if you want to create wealth and why.

Again we will assume you have the desire to better yourself financially or you wouldn't be here. We will provide the knowledge but only you can provide the action. So with that in mind, in each day's lesson you will have very short Action Steps to complete, and a daily audio lesson to listen to as homework assignments. Today you will complete your first Action Step. Don't panic it's simple, but like building wealth, some of the answers may not be easy. You see how this works?

Today we begin at the beginning, your present Financial Condition. Just like stepping on the scale or staring into the mirror, it may be slightly unpleasant, or not what we would like, but it is, what it is!

The sooner you have an accurate picture of where you are financially the sooner you will be on your way to becoming financially fit.

Take out a sheet of paper and spend some time answering the questions in the Action Steps Area below. Put some real thought into your answers. This exercise will help begin to create the determination you will need to finish the course. If you are one of few who are financially fit, you should find your answers satisfying. However, if you are like the other 97% of the population, you may find your answers somewhat disturbing. That's okay... a little discomfort often fuels bigger change.

Tomorrow we learn the "Commodity of Kings" the fundamentals of wealth. Just like every good coach we are starting with the fundamentals, that's where we will begin your wealth training. For today just complete the action steps and rest easy. Nine days from now, your entire financial outlook will be much healthier!

Action Step 1:

After you finish Lesson #1 sharpen your pencil and write down the answers to the following Financial Fitness questions. Start a FFS journal for your daily action steps and notes. Designate a separate notebook for all your FFS content. You may want to print each lesson and include them in your FFS journal for future reference. On day 10 you can look back and see just how much you have accomplished in just 10 days.

"The most important questions are those we are afraid to ask ourselves."

Q: What is the total amount of assets that you have accumulated so far in your life?

Include cash, savings, checking, money market accounts, the current value of any stock or mutual funds you may own and the dollar amount of the equity in your home.

Q: What is the total amount of liabilities that you have accumulated so far in your life?

Include your mortgage balance, your credit card balances, student loans, personal loans from family or friends, automobile loans, overdraft protection, loans against insurance policies or any other money that you have borrowed but have not yet paid back.

Q: Subtract your total liabilities from your total assets, and write down your "Net Worth." (this number can be, and sadly all too often is, a negative number)

Q: Assume you lost your job or primary source of income today, and you were unable to find work of any kind, and had no friends or relatives to depend on for help or support of any kind. How long would it be before you become homeless?

Q: Assume that you earn income, save money, spend money, and borrow at the same rate you do today. At that rate how soon can you retire and maintain the same lifestyle you have today?

Q: Are you where you thought you would be at this point in your life financially?

Q: Why or why not?

Q: Where would you like to be financially?

Q: What are your currently doing to get there?

Q: Without change, how do you expect to achieve your financial goals? (the lottery or inheritance, are not valid answers)

Q: If money were no object, where would you live, and why?

Q: If money were no object, how would you spend your time each day?

Q: If things stay just the way they are today, financially, is that good enough?

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