Who Wants To be A Millionaire?

How many people search Google, Yahoo and MSN each day for the terms - make fast money online, get rich quick, or make money online? Or how about Who wants to be a millionaire?

Thousands! Thousands upon thousands, each and every day.

I wonder why?

Well, I'll let you in on a bit of personal stuff here. When I bought my first computer 5 years ago, the first word I typed into a search box was money ? yep, that's all, just "money"? and in Google search, there are 230,000,000 results - (that's 230 million)

And so began my exploration of tens of thousands of money making websites on investment schemes, scams, frauds, HYIP's, bank debentures, loan programs and, well, you name it? if it's out there, I've found it, and likely tried it.

Occasionally I made some money, but more often I lost. However, I have never once complained about losing money to a HYIP. I was brought up in a gambling family, and I learnt to gamble at a young age. In fact I've made a living out of betting on horses and dogs from time to time.

Since being online I've learnt to recognise a scam. It's not easy, and the people who develop and promote them get more sophisticated every year.

One of the craziest online money games I took part in was called E-Biz Ventures or e-bizz. You gave them your E-Gold, and 4 day's later they gave it back to you plus 100%? yeppers, that was fast money, they doubled it in 4 days. And this went on from sometime in late September 2000 until just 2 day's before Christmas the same year. It lasted three months.

Three months of doubling investments every 4 day's or so. And this all took place virtually without a glitch. It says as much for e-gold's automation as anything else.

By early December there were Audio chatrooms filled to capacity 24 hours a day, with people telling their story, answering questions, helping new people get started, all the while driving the frenzy? then the authorities stepped in and arrested the bloke running the show. It has been estimated that there was over $10 million revolving through E-Gold every 5 to 6 days by that time.

If you wanted to get involved in E-Biz, the most important person in your life was an E-currency Merchant? a market maker.

E-currency merchants convert your hard currency, like Dollars and Euro's, into E-currency's like E-Gold, eBullion, Netpay and Intgold. These people are the middle-men who fund your e-currency accounts for you, so you can take part in online commerce without a credit card. If you want to put $100 into your E-Gold account, you give them about $105. They place $100 worthy of e-currency into your account, and cop the $5 for their effort.

Likewise, if you want to cash out of your e-currency account, you give the e-currency merchant about $102 worth of E-Gold, e-Bullion or whatever, and he cut's a check for you for $100, keeping $2 for himself? so he made money both way's. About 7% on a round trip in and out of your e-currency account. If you were using a credit card to fund your account, they charge around 15%!

OK now? how would you like to get a bit of that action?

Well you can? but it's not easy, unless you have someone to lead you through your first few trades.

The e-currency exchange seminar is specifically designed to teach you how to get started and take you through process from start to finish? and you can get a share of this incredible business from as little as $50. Not much huh? But imagine doubling that $50 every few months, with no risk of losing it.

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