Thought Creates Reality Even When It Comes To Money

What if I told you that reading a book would also change the way you react to the demands that rest upon your shoulders by the system of money you live under. Would you click HERE to learn more about that new way of perceiving your own money situation that would change everything for you especially where money is concerned?

What if I told you that reading a book would also change your thoughts and beliefs about money, and change the very reason you have less money than you need and/or desire. Would you click HERE to learn more about a different way of believing in yourself and the money of the world's money systems?

Money is not made by hard work and long hours as so many tell you that it is. Just look at the rich and very rich, they do very little work at all. Only a few of them had to work hard to get to the top. No instead it was their way of thinking and believing in themselves and a perception of the way money is generated for them that got them to where they are.

If I told you that reading a book can alter your perception about money (YOUR MONEY) in a way that would relax your worries about money that would also allow you to draw more money to you with less work. Would you click HERE to learn more? This would also lessen the demands on your current cash flow because you would have more money.


In today's system of money and government there is a problem of lack of money for a vast majority of people and the ever-looming control of people from the government and the legal system. Everyone is stuck in a state of mind that depends 100% on money. It matters not how much or how little money you have. Do you know how it is that they are controlling the population so easily? Do you agree that knowledge is power? When people understand how money is used and the effects of the control placed upon the people they will be able to easily throw off that control and all the financial burdens you are currently carrying and paying for at the cost of you time away from home and the stress on your health that are needless in your life. The lack of understanding today in the use of money and the ever increasing control, burdens and all that comes from today's life styles are gaining momentum in a way that is disastrous to us as a people and the to earth itself.

People just do not see the control or the effects of this because like the science project we all learned in school where the boiling frog just sat in the ever-increasing hot water and allowed himself to boil to death. We all feel the effects in many forms many of us complain verbally about the problems we encounter with lack of money, but few ever understand the actual root cause of how and why we have these stressful burdens.

The system(s) of earth are in dire trouble and will soon loose control of the monetary system. Recently president traveled around the country pitching a new bill to the people stating the social security system will be bankrupt in 13 years. They are in deep financial trouble and they know it. This book presents for thought little known facts people are unaware of, what is going on behind the scenes and the effects of what this means, it provides an easy cure for the money problems we all experience.

Pressure struggle anxiety, etc are all related to the system we live under but we just do not see the cause or the absolute root of the problem. I have hinted at it strongly but do you know exactly what that is or will you click HERE to learn more?

ISBN 1-933037-51-2
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The solution is to first understand the cause and then the effects of the cause. From this understanding we automatically change our perceptions of the problem. This also changes the conscious awareness of the whole planet. One person's change in perception does change the whole game since each person is firmly a part of the mass consciousness. Yes one minds perception and state of mind can make a big difference in the whole of mass consciousness far more than you know.

The solution to this can be found in the book "Once Upon A Time There Was No Money" Click HERE this book provides a whole new way of understanding money and the system of control that is all around us. In this book is a new understanding in money matters for today and for the future to come. It reveals facts and wisdom knot known by most people on many different levels.


The materials presented in this book are the understandings that comes from a lifetime of struggles with money the school of hard knocks and the personal restructuring of life through the teachings that come direct from the higher realms via channeled entities that have our continued evolution on earth as their primary concerns. This information is given today for today's people because we as a people are in the now of today and not back 2000 years ago when the information that came through then was for the people of that time. Today's channeled information is for today's people with today's life styles with all of our current issues and problems at large. The changes to come will happen weather we are aware of it or not, would you rather be informed or wake up one day to find the world changed without you?

Editorial Reviews

ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS NO MONEY is a book advocating non-force means to circumvent monetary and governmental institutions so that people may eventually become freed from money's effects on humanity. The information is delivered in that of a futuristic classroom narrative where students learn about money and its institutions from what would be their historical perspective.

The spiritual messages about energy, belief and evolution are strongly written and timely, in that humanity is creating and consuming this information at record rates. The vision for the future (largely communicated through the classroom dialogues) is a clearly articulated statement of possibility for what can be when equity is established through the elimination of money; the imagination of possibility is ultimately what creates change. Heliographica editorial Dept.

About the Author
Joseph Clark is a highly spiritual man that has had a wide range of diverse worldly experiences over the past 5 decades. He has walked in many shoes from an average Joe to a business owner and currently is the author of books dealing with human evolution, now and in the future of all humanity. He has for the past 14 years intensely studied the world of the divine and the correlation of people currently in physical biology and the relation of the human to the higher aspects of their existence in the physical world.

From an early age he was drawn by a sense of an inner direction toward the metaphysical and divine interaction of people to the higher realms of understanding. This was activated through his personal guides that kept leading him to new off world understandings. He has had many personal experiences of the divine existence within himself from out of body experiences to dealing with the drudgery of the 3rd dimensional world at hand and has learned to link the two together in what we call the practical real world.

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