What Do You Mean By Diversity?

The word 'diversity' is a unique one. It can represent many things, depending upon its context. To work in a diverse workplace is to have all genders and ethnicities represented. In another example, people strive for diversity within their leisure activities, while at the same time seeking consistency (yes, that is strange).

Used to describe your financial affairs, diversity is equally important, and I'd be happy to share why this is so. Have you ever met someone who said, "I invest all my funds in small tech stocks?" I have, though they're not as vocal about it these days! The same can be said for those who favor healthcare, real estate, junk bonds, emerging markets, or their bedroom mattress! Every segment of the market has short-term and long-term cycles and fluctuations, and no one is immune to them.

I favor nothing! No segment of the market is more or less important-they all have a role. I manage assets like I feed ducks-everyone gets some, but no one gets too much. Handled mathematically and reviewed regularly, there is, in my opinion, no better way to approach the issue of long-term growth.

(If you happen to have any fat ducks in your portfolio, I would recommend you put them on a diet.)

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Matthew S. Clement is a financial planner and investment advisor representative with Financial Network Investment Corporation, member SIPC. He provides holistic wealth management and retirement planning to individuals and businesses. He can be reached in New York at (845) 942-8578, or by email: [email protected]

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