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Become the Writer You Always Dreamed of Being

So you want to be a writer, except you don?t know where to begin. Heck you can?t even think of something to write about let alone how you?re going to get paid for writing. Maybe you have gotten over those humps but can?t figure out why you?re not a successful, awarding winning writer yet. Well, here are several tips to get you through all of those problems and then some.

Advice for New Writers

With the advent of email communications in the workplace, it?s not uncommon to exchange dozens of messages daily. Sometimes, I sense a writer?s ?voice? in such messages. Occasionally, I ask if they?ve done any writing. A year ago, a colleague answered, ?I loved to write in high school, but I just don?t have time anymore! ? She was extraordinarily busy, mothering an active two-year-old, commuting over an hour a day, managing the house, and holding a full-time managerial job. In spite of the fact that I knew she was overloaded, I sensed a unique talent in her words and didn?t hesitate to encourage her.

Using Technology to Improve Your Final Draft

One Saturday afternoon, I sat in a packed conference room with about 150 other would be writers, listening to a conference instructor tell us the keys to self-editing our manuscripts. The number of people in the room spoke to how important it is to make sure your work is crisp, and as close to publishable as possible. Of course, the numbers also told me how many of us don?t feel completely sure of our editing abilities.

Time to Write


The Authors Life: 14 Hints on Creating a Career Plan

1. Remember publication is a business; writing is an art. Get those confused at your peril. Treat publication as you would any enterprise--as a professional. Meet deadlines, learn about the industry, and grow in your craft.

Uncommon Advice for Beginning Novelists

1) Convince yourself you want to do something else. If you don't succeed, proceed to number 2.

Ten Ways to Get Cheap (and Free) Magazine Samples

1 - Join a reading or writing group. Ask members to bring in their already-read magazines and have an exchange. Do the same with interest groups you belong to or know about - playgroups (parenting, home, cooking, family mags), business networking groups (entrepreneurs, home business, finances magazines), church (religious, devotional periodicals).

First Priority

No matter what you are writing, the first priority is write the first draft.


How many of you take the time to really write down your thoughts?

Are You Feeling Dash-ing? Using Punctuation for Effect and Influence

The dash?-that curious mark of punctuation people use in their email and letters. Not the hyphen (-), but the dash (--). It?s made by hitting the hyphen twice. In most cases, when you type the hyphen twice it will turn into one long dash (?). Sometimes you see the dash inserted where a comma would fit; other times you see it where you would put parentheses. How is the dash supposed to be used?and when can you use it to get the effect you want?

Groundbreaking Work

Every writer knows that the urge to write is not always present. As a result, the dedicated writer writes anyway. Professional writers face the task without think too much about the actual activity. They have established the habit, so they sit down and put their thought to paper whether they are relevant to the project or not. They know that they can rewrite, revise, edit, and improve. They know that the first draft is not or need be the last.

Six Tips for Submitting Fiction - if you want it to get published

You can learn a lot about what it takes to place a story in an ezine by starting up one of your own.

Proof Positive: the importance of proofreading

Last week I was having a quick browse on eBay when something caught my eye. "Black patient shoes!" screamed the headline. "Must see!"

Revising Your Manuscript: Fourteen Questions to Ask Yourself

1) Can you summarize the story in about a sentence or two?

How To Write Your Book Within A Week

Everyone has a book inside them, or so the saying goes. But few people get that book out. Often it's because of lack of time. So, how can you get your book written inside a week or two?

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