How Stressed Out Are You? Take This Quiz And See How You Rate On Your Stress Level!

Stress, America's #1 health problem, is a leading cause of major illness. Heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression are just some of the harmful effects of stress. Research has shown that releasing stress and learning how to relax promotes a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

Take this quiz and see how you rate on your stress level!

1. I make time for myself every day.

2. I have a tendency to take on other people's responsibilities.

3. I say "no" without feeling guilty.

4. I get impatient quickly with delays or changes.

5. While waiting for the elevator, I press the button more than once.

6. I am able to relax and unwind easily at the end of the day.

7. I laugh everyday.

8. I feel guilty when I just do nothing.

9. I feel "beaten up" sometimes at the end of the day.

10. I get disappointed in others often.

11. I have a hard time falling asleep at night.

12. I often forget to wear my watch.

Results: If you answered yes to these questions.

1. Yes- You are creating an environment where you can release stress and stay in balance. Keep up the good work!

2. Yes-You are doing too much, and are spreading yourself too thin. It would be a good idea to stay responsible for your work load, and revaluate why you are willing to take on other people's responsibilities.

3. Yes- If you can say no and be okay with that; you are doing much better than most. By saying no, and not feeling guilty, you are setting your boundaries. You are also eliminating added stress. Kudos for you!

4. Yes- Becoming impatient and irritable quickly is a big sign that you are feeling a large amount of stress. When you are under stress, you react more rapidly than if you were relaxed. Take note of this, and observe how you react the next time you are faced with an unexpected setback or change.

5. Yes- If you push the elevator button more than once, chances are you are a type-A personality. You could have a tendency to live you life in a rushed and stressful way. Slow down?remember pushing the button more than once isn't going to make the elevator go any faster. You have to learn to let go and chill.

6. Yes- If you can relax and unwind at the end of the day, you are dealing with stress management in a great way. Being able to relax is a sign that you are not bringing your work home with you, and you are putting your priorities in order. This is GREAT!

7. Yes- Laughter is one the best ways to release stress, and staying in balance. Finding laugher in the day is an excellent stress buster!

8. Yes- Feeling guilty when you are doing nothing is an indicator that you are living a lifestyle that is rushed, hurried, and stressful. Break yourself of that habit fast, and make it a priority to do nothing, and feel good about it. Your health depends on it!

9. Yes- Feeling "beaten up" at the end of the day means you are working way too hard. You can lighten up your work load, delegate your work, or get better organized to eliminate that feeling of heaviness.

10. Yes- When you are easily disappointed in others this means that you are expecting too much from the wrong people. You are living in stress! Chances are you are doing too much for others too. Set your boundaries, and choose who you trust wisely.

11. Yes- Insomnia is a side effect of stress, Your mind is racing because it is conditioned to be working 24/7. It's time to learn how to relax, set your boundaries, and keep your life in balance.

12. Yes- If you can get through the day without your watch, you have conquered the need to control your time. You can manage your time well.

If you answered no to these questions.

1. No- You are in a rut where you are feeling stressed, and will soon be burned out. Make it a priority to take time out for yourself even if it is only 10 minutes a day.

2. No- You are not taking more responsibility than you should. This is great! Keep up the good work. You know your boundaries.

3. No- Saying no means setting your boundaries and enforcing them. This eliminates added stress. Start practicing saying no and sticking to it. Your self respect depends on it!

4. No- Not reacting to sudden chances and setbacks are a sign of good stress management. Problem solving and solutions are a much better choice!

5. No- If you press the elevator button only once, chances are you have learned to be patient, and can manage your stress well. Excellent!

6. No- If you are having difficulties relaxing and unwinding, you are living a stressful life. It is time to learn how to relax and let go. You must find a balance in your life, or else you will be on the road to "burn out."

7. No- Laughter is the best medicine for everything. If you aren't finding enough humor and laughter in your life, then you are out of balance. Make it a priority to find things that bring you joy on a regular basis.

8. No- Doing nothing is a great stress buster. If you can just do nothing and enjoy it, you have mastered the stress demons.

9. No- If you don't have that "beaten up" feeling at the end of your day this is great! You have learned how to successful manage your stress, and not hold it internally. Excellent!

10. No- This is another sign of excellent stress management skills. You are accurately seeing other people's strengths and weaknesses, and perceiving that appropriately.

11. No- Being able to relax and fall asleep at night is another good stress management skill. You seem to keep your stress under control. Kudos!

12. No- If you are "lost" without your watch, this could be a sign of a controlling personality. It might do you good to forget your watch on the weekends, and just be a free spirit once in a while.

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