An ellipsis to your success is hidden in the word prosperity. Take a letter; make a word; assign a meaning, discover a pathway to your prosperity. You might be tempted to think of this as a simple word game. Remember that to play is to use both halves of your brain.

P - Purpose. Without a 'why', there is no purpose, is there? Decide why you do what you do. Your life is either 'on purpose' or an accident waiting to happen. Purport.

R - Reciprocity. Enact the Law of Attraction. What you have reflects who you are. Want more? Become more! Be?Do?Have. Give to receive. Contribute. Reciprocate.

O - Originality. Step away from the norm. Stand out from the crowd. Don't follow; lead. Blaze a path. You are unique. Be the gift. Originate.

S - Synergy. Mastermind. One mind alone tends to entropy. Two or more minds, harmonized, create synergy. Involve others. Involve the universal. Synergize.

P - Persistence. Obstacles are not impediments; they are opportunities to learn and grow; to become empowered. If you stumble, get up, move on. Persist.

E - Enthusiasm. Get passionate. There is power in passion. Enact your personal power. Become passionate about your purpose, your ideals, your life. Enthuse.

R - Receptivity. You must be willing to accept the bounty. Stop resisting. You are at one with the all that is all. Therefore, it's all yours. Receive.

I - Imagination. Your creative workshop. Dream it. Scheme it. Realize it. Envision, plan, enact. Conceive, believe, achieve. Imagine.

T - Think. What you think about, you bring about. Program yourself to think abundance, prosperity, wealth. Your mind is your tool. Learn to use it. Think.

Y - Yearning. Desire is critical to your attainment. Go beyond wishful thinking. Learn to yearn. Lust after your goals. Desire is the metaphysical equivalent of gravity. Yearn.

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