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The Top Ten Things You Dont Want to Hear About Losing Weight

(But What You Need to Know if You Want to Get Fit!) 10) No, you won't end up looking like the latest hot young model/singer/actress! Let's face it: your body is your body. It's the only one you've got.

8 Proven Weight Loss Tips

There are a lot of "crash" diets out there that promise that you'll drop a considerable amount of weight in days or a week.I have tried a few of these, and in my experience the weight always comes back on, just as quickly since the weight loss tips given are not something that will work with your body.

3 Ways Going with the Flow Will Make You Fat - And What To Do About It!

Wanna know the truth? If you're going to be slim, you're going to have to swim against the current. You're going to have to take charge of your body and make your own decisions?cause if you go with the flow today, I guarantee that you're going to be fat.

The Beginners Guide to Losing Weight

So you've decided that you're going to do it.You're sick and tired of being sick and tired and are once and for all hell bent on losing weight.

Real Weight Loss Begins Today...With Cliff Kuhn, M.D.s Fun Factor Diet!

Weight Loss is something that many Americans struggle with. In this article, Cliff Kuhn, M.

Pick Up Your Pen and Lose Weight!

Although every dieter knows that keeping food records is a key to permanent weight loss, few understand the importance of also keeping an "emotional journal." In fact, one dieter lost 100 pounds, thanks in part to the insights gained through daily journaling.

Can Writing Actually Improve Your Health?

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, writing about stressful life events helped reduce symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis in patients with these chronic illnesses. The effects of the writing exercise were still evident four months later and resulted in clinically meaningful improvements in patient symptoms.

Questioning Cardio for Weight Loss?

Q: I've heard you mention that you don't need tons of cardio to burn stubborn abdominal fat. Okay, I can live with that, but you've also said that it isn't absolutely necessary to perform direct ab work either.

Ten Important Things to Know Before You Join a Weight Loss Program

1. What is my BMI and how do I calculate it? BMI means Body Mass Index.

Top 10 Questions and Answers on Atkins Diet

1. What is Atkins Diet? Dr.

Weight Loss - Its in Your Head

When you truly consider the weight-loss process, the battle waged is mostly in your mind. "Should I eat the corn muffin with butter or would it be better for me to have margarine or better yet, have jelly? What am I doing eating this muffin anyway? It's so caloric and filled with saturated fat.

If Youre Eating High Protein Be Informed about Mad Cow

Finding Mad Cow in Oregon puts a new wrinkle in the high protein diet, doesn't it? What's a person to do that wants to eat more meat, not less? Are you Eating Less Meat Due to Mad Cow Disease? Not the people I've spoken with. Most are saying, "Yipee, beef's on sale!" The food industry has done a great job of convincing us they are providing a safe food supply and we've been lulled into a false sense of security.

Good Food/Bad Food Whats Left to Eat?

We've entered the Twilight Zone when it comes to the multitude of diets being promoted today. Starting with the Atkins Diet, then the South Beach Diet, now the Hamptons Diet and more.

Nothing More Powerful Than Your Words

Telling yourself you have to "struggle with this weight issue for the rest of my life," is as good as telling yourself there's no point in trying. "Why bother? I'll just gain it right back.

How to Buy Chocolate Then Forget to Eat It

Some Say I'm Strange. I Prefer to Think of Myself as Resourceful If you'd like to learn how to obtain quality chocolate, put it in a drawer and forget it's there, learn to use EFT and NLP techniques to conquer your emotional eating.

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