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Stress Management: Are You a Diamond or a Lump of Coal?

?Do you want to be a lump of coal or do you want to be a diamond?? That?s the first question I ask to begin my stress management seminar called ?A Diamond is Nothing More Than a Lump of Coal That Handled Stress Very Well.?

Stress Management: Problem Land or Solution Land

In my experience, most of us spend a lot more time living in problem land, griping and complaining, than we do in solution land, working hard and enjoying solving problems.

Stress Management and Mastery: Breakdown or Breakthrough?

Q: ?My career, though very very stressful, is one that I thoroughly enjoy and do not want to change. Because I?m under so much stress, my counselor has recommended that I eliminate all stress from my life. This doesn?t seem to make sense to me, especially since I like what I do so much. Should I quit my job, or is there something else I can do??

Stress Management: Are You a Workaholic - Humorous View

As we celebrate yet another Labor Day, I thought it might be useful to take a look at the place of work in our lives.

Stress Management: Workaholism is a Thief

Let?s take a look at some of the more serious signs and effects of workaholism.

Workaholism: 4 Universal Laws for Recovery

The Rule of Balance

Stress Management: How to Avoid the Ruts and Holes of Life

Have you ever noticed how we keep falling into the same holes and ruts in life? We know something doesn?t work and yet we keep doing the same things over and over again.

Stress Management: 3 Rules for Dealing with Difficult People

Seems like more and more they are all around us. You know who I?m talking about - all those difficult people who seem to cross our path everyday.

Sshhh... Listen to Your Own Voice

It was a self-exploration that made me understand myself. It was like discovering the one last elusive word in a jigsaw puzzle that completes other words.

Stress Managment: Worry is the Prescription for an Ulcer

Have you ever listened to someone, perhaps even to your self, talk about being worried? You?ll hear things like, ?I?m so worried?, ?I?m worried sick?, or as my mom used to tell me, ?You worry me to death!?

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